26th April 2018, 13:20
Remember the GMK Frontend I was working on?
https://mega.nz/#!yPIwRKgb!Z7P0CC81rcRGyw14fzA2QDA8VXRxBB6BpwsGA6p Gnj0
https://mega.nz/#!OfwTRADS!mtBajIS8CPHJlhUqvvhLUC8IJ3vSq9Q6Fj8Whl3 MVQw
Resources for the game and 2 versions of the frontend plus the LAST CURRENT SOURCE OF IT!
Anyone that had been following any of these videos now can get the last (for now) version of this frontend!

I'm doing this since today is my birthday and I wanted to do special events for it; but another actual reason is because of how I have started work in another fullgame (using Ikaruga KOF98 chars) and another frontend for it (using the code from this one), so I don't know if I'm going to work in this one for a good while; and for the record they may (or well, aren't fully finished) so there may be some tidbits here and there; but the latest source is included (which was having a wip Tag implementation by holding SP and pressing start in the arcade ver.) so anyone that can figure it out can either polish it or create something new from it. This new frontend is also testing with Palette selecetion in CSS, and mode selection (Advanced or Extra); but this one is pretty functional. The AHK script used for the Arcade Edition is also included as a executable (which is used) and as the source AHK file.

Hope you guys enjoy this one, and not only maybe get a fully polished demo of the new project, but also to release more stuff during my day!