View Full Version : ARCADE EVOLUTION Lifebars (My new lifebars for M1.1 project)

15th April 2018, 01:42
Got inspired yesterday, drawn some stuff with Paint Tool SAI, and with huge experimentation as well as live feedback from friends, I got this as a result.
These lifebars are currently being worked for 1.1, but I may port them to 1.0 once finished. The fonts in names are from the VF4 Evo lifebars and may or may not be placeholders (though currently it still also uses its Round animations, which I intend to change). The sound for a powerbar level charge is KOFXI's insert coin sound, and the announcer is from Bloody Roar 4. Hopefully I get to finish it and give a proper video preview as well as the download.

21st November 2018, 14:23
Looks good

3rd April 2020, 14:13
Not bad.

4th July 2020, 16:52
Tbh these might be juuust what I'm looking for, I especially like the 1v1 ones