View Full Version : How do i become a new challenger?

30th March 2018, 17:38
Hey does anybody know like what i have to do to become a new challenger and if it's by posting threads like how many do i have to post then?

30th March 2018, 18:01
I becomed a new challenger posting files, like 6 files. I don't know if there is other way.

30th March 2018, 18:40
Comment 10 posts and you're good.

30th March 2018, 20:42
Comment 10 posts and you're good.

oh no don't say that you'll get in troubles, some people may be p*ssed! :uhuh:

anyway, I'm pretty tired of how many times the "new challenger" thing has been discussed. Honestly, it's like it's the most discussed topic in this forum. Please, mods and admins, make it clear with a proper banner in the forum (the topic gets un-noticed by most users!) or change the rules about ranking promotion, it's getting frustrating for regulars to see the same topic over and over... :mega_shock:

30th March 2018, 21:49
Don't know why she opened another thread for this, but seems like her problem is that she was already promoted, then ranked back to lurker.


31st March 2018, 02:32
Well, i'll have to move this.
Don't need to post this again, just read other posts talking about this, we have tons like that already.
And more attention next time about the category, this place is about Mugen configuration.

31st March 2018, 15:55
I'm sorry i just get confused pretty easy

- - - Updated - - -

wait jonkk do you mean like i have to post 10 things or does reply to other posts count course i have replyed to over 10 posts

19th April 2020, 16:33
hope i can be one

6th June 2020, 02:09
I dont know, but I want to become very soon