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3rd March 2016, 12:52
Does anyone knows about this Ioriko? I saw her in a video (that is offline now), and it looked complete.


There were many CVS characters in that video too that I never saw before, like CVS Bao. They were even resprited to look CVS o_o

I'm trying to find the author, even if it's private to talk about it. I'm not the kind of guy who spreads everything in the web o/

Man, if you are seeing this, plz contact me. I would do everything to play with your characters.
It doesn't even needs to be Ioriko. I would play all your characters with pleasure >< I'm a cvs/pots lover and your characters looked great in that video...
And if anyone knows, plz tell me who he is.


19th March 2016, 15:09
the author of the video was xnow, the same author who made cvsMOTW terry and the first frank west cvs style, he probably still in mugen, you should try to contact him at his channel, sorry for the little imformation i give you, but its all i know, in fact he even told about if he get 100 subs he could release his ioriko, but again he probably did not finish her, i leave his channel, so you can check out if you can contact with him, sorry but its the only i can do.:oh:

19th March 2016, 23:12
I already found him. Added him on facebook. He's a cool guy.

He promised me he will send her to me when she's released.

Sadly, for all of you, I'll never make her public without his permission XD sorry

20th March 2016, 14:59
these are good news, dont worry, i hope he manages to complete her.

21st March 2016, 19:01
Me too >< my cvs mugen needs her XD cvs is my favorite style XD

24th April 2016, 09:29
Me too >< my cvs mugen needs her XD cvs is my favorite style XD

yeah I hate people that keeps private shit so much they aren't funny at all. :c