View Full Version : fire emblem vs final fantasy

3rd February 2018, 03:19
Who would win??

3rd February 2018, 15:04
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3rd February 2018, 23:55
Fire Emblem > Final Fantasy

4th February 2018, 01:11
I win

4th February 2018, 01:17
FE is too slow for me and FF is pretty fast paced if you want it to be and it has more memorable characters, designs, and games.

5th February 2018, 18:37
Thank you xWagnerPlaguesx :wavetowel: and Thank you all for commenting here. :drinks:

5th February 2018, 18:53
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12th February 2018, 10:47
i think fire emblem force too the player's strategical choices, final fantasy go lived with more liberty and exploration, fun and desire to discover

anyway, square enix is no more that was in the past, but really, i don't like the nintendo philosophy

14th February 2018, 20:17
For me Final Fantasy, but both are worth your time.

14th February 2018, 21:53
Both series are excellent and are worth playing, but Final Fantasy, in his best episodes, has shown to be much more mature and deep both in the plots and subplots and in the wonderful characterization of the characters, protagonists and not.

15th February 2018, 00:48

18th May 2018, 20:44
If we are talking about battle wise I would probably say final fantasy they are always going up against gods and stuff however fire emblem does that as well but the characters in final fantasy are stronger including enemy's but game wise I love final fantasy story get you right in the feels all the time and fire emblem sometimes is too hard to digest but it still has its good points sorry about grammar