View Full Version : Walt Disney Company successfully acquired Twenty-First Century Fox!

Dec 14, 2017, 22:17

21st Century Fox to spin off Fox Broadcasting network and stations, Fox News, Fox Business, FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network to its shareholders

• Acquisition complements and enhances The Walt Disney Company’s ability to provide consumers around the world with more appealing content and entertainment options
• Transaction to include 21st Century Fox’s film and television studios, cable entertainment networks and international TV businesses
• Popular entertainment properties including X-Men, Avatar, The Simpsons, FX Networks and National Geographic to join Disney’s portfolio
• Expands Disney’s direct-to-consumer offerings with addition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment content, capabilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia; Hulu stake becomes a controlling interest

As a comic book fan (mainly Marvel), you better bet i'm fanboying the f*ck out of this. Having my Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic Four at home will be splendid.

Other acquired franchises could use some love too, like 24, Futurama, and Avatar (Since Pandora is featured on Disney World already), for instance. Of course there are some concerns about monopoly. But with folks like Comcast and AT&T around... I don't really think it's an issue.

What do you guys think, overall?

Dec 15, 2017, 00:17
I'm worried about this.....
I'm not a big fan of Disney. They ruin everything they acquire!

Jan 14, 2018, 02:30

Jan 14, 2018, 14:40
Hopefully X-Men and Fantastic 4 can be in the MCU now.

Jan 14, 2018, 22:53
Hopefully The Simpsons, Family Guy and a lot of the Fox series can stay alive. I am worried about what Disney will do to them. Also, the X-Men movies currently in development (X-Men Dark Phoenix etc.) are in danger. Atleast Deadpool 2 is here soon.

Jan 24, 2018, 18:18
I Think most of the acquisitions will stay untouched. Would be stupid on their end to kill something like The Simpsons, since it prints money. I hope Searchlight end up like Touchstone, so they can keep doing their thing. We also know that Disney want to jump in the streaming market, so they need all these franchises to stay relevant.As for the Marvel side of things, I can't wait any longer for Dark Phoenix and New Mutants to reach the big screens. We need these guys back where they belong. Deadpool (and X-Force, pls) should be fine tho, it's not like he can't gag the f*ck out of the new home LOL

Jan 24, 2018, 19:53
I'm totally ignorant and out of context, but when I read that, I couldn't get my mind out of this XD

Sakuranbo Jun'Ichi
Mar 02, 2018, 16:50