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adriano gt
11th December 2017, 20:46
first of all , yes ... is a compilation

pobre inc. presents: MORTAL KOMBAT MULTIVERSE

Since late 2008 I have been knowing and stirring with mugen , especially with MK .
I decided to build my own game , and founded a group. The pobre inc..

Purpose of the game - Gather all the material available on the internet MK ( chars , stages ) in a project that has quality . Will have rather a lot of quantity, but the main gameplay will be no bugs, no errors .
Improve palettes , improve the position of collision boxes, insert fatalities, babalities, friendshipies, harakiris .... Finally, fix whatever is wrong. Fix deltas stages, music .. etc. etc. .
The intention is to make a fun game, no crashes, and pleasing in appearance .

Inspiration - Games as MKIIBloodStorm and MKKingdomOfOnaga

Story Game - All chars of all Mortal Kombat universes gathered in one war. And with the possibility of other characters from other realities .
One story explains it all, and that this union is made ​​possible.
Future will be revealed this plot. It is simple, but extremely important .

Chars - Besides the already known Games MK1 , MK2 , MK3 ... etc., will have several new.
Former bad chars or chars that are only copies(only changed palettes) of others, will be improved and remade with new moves.
The A.I. be improved. New palettes. Corrections in all files.
The most chars can be introduced into the game, but always with the aim of quality, without the unnecessary repetition of characters(as in many builds).

Stages - All the classics, many new, a lot of interactivity and new stages fatalities.
With resolution arcade(400x254).

Engine - MKP4.1, with corrections and improvements. And, always, the latest version of MUGEN.

New - Lifebars, battleplan, Screenpack... all this and more new things.

Commitments and permissions - It is an item of extreme importance... I've asked many breeders and got success. And keep searching forever maintain friendships with them. There will always be the concern that everything be done ethically, morally and transparency.

Thanks - I confess that my friend Osmar Brol inspired me to do this project. He keeps something, but with chars and stages regular mugen. I liked the idea. I thank him for thinking the same thing.
Thanks also to Japa and Bruno.
And thank FélixWA.
Many thanks will be made ​​over the course of the project.

Help, suggestions, ideas, criticism, contributions, donation of chars, stages and sprites will always be welcome.

sorry my bad english

Current status: working in stages

videos, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd5nEEUK9j1jtg8KwuVhLBw/videos?view_as=subscriber

adriano gt
12th December 2017, 13:59
one stage release


download: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=75486-motorway-adriano-gt-blacksaibot

adriano gt
13th December 2017, 11:49
Warehouse stage release...


download: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=75512-warehouse-adriano-gt-icecoldassassin

A x ◿
17th December 2017, 07:14
Wow mkp quality really improved! I love that screenpack! Puts MK trilogy to shame. adriano gt, I remember you from elecbyte forum! Good to see you again! :)

adriano gt
20th December 2017, 14:07
AxKeeper?... is really you?
this is cool, man
good times

and you, stopped with Mortal Kombat mugen?

A x ◿
21st December 2017, 06:46
AxKeeper?... is really you?
this is cool, man
good times

and you, stopped with Mortal Kombat mugen?

Yes it's me!


No. I still have my Mortal Kombat mugen wip, MK after-realm. Also you are welcome to all my sprites and work with no-permission/credit required for your MKP! All my stuff is opensource. I have a Quan Chi released, Reptile MK4, and MK1 Movie Kano and a MK1 movie Johnny Cage in progress. I'm trying to finish all my full games and I'll eventually need to finish it.

You're doing great things with this game and I hope you will fully realize your game ;) Good luck!

adriano gt
21st December 2017, 11:26
Yes, I have all your chars released.
Thank you for the authorization ... I'm going to use them, for sure.
Is Johnny Cage coming? .... great news
good luck and success for you too, friend

and now, another stage released:


download: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=76066-twilight-temple-adriano-gt

adriano gt
26th December 2017, 11:40

A x ◿
27th December 2017, 06:32
I like the sun's intensity! Also the desert BG with orange sky works beautifully! Well done!

adriano gt
26th January 2018, 09:36
I like the sun's intensity! Also the desert BG with orange sky works beautifully! Well done!

thank you, Ax
are you still working on mkchars, or are you making other editions?

A x ◿
26th January 2018, 21:15
I'm still doing my MK project After-Realm! However it is on hold as I have 3 other projects nearly completing. When those 3 are all finished I'll move back onto MK. My last wip in mk is Johnny Cage, Movie version! His basics are finished, he just needs his attacks.

25th April 2018, 05:56
It all looks pretty good! What with Season 2.9 of MKP in full swing and what-not.

adriano gt
25th April 2018, 20:27
thanks, guys... more news, coming soon

adriano gt
1st July 2018, 00:37
Mortal Kombat Multiverse - very old betas 0.0 & 0.1


the project continue...

12th October 2018, 14:29
Great effects

adriano gt
12th October 2018, 16:00
thanks, Nimpos

all the downloadable versions available here:

7th November 2018, 12:38