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That Man
10th January 2016, 10:27
Today I have some good news for you my friends.

As you may have noticed, downloads for unregistered users have been disabled for almost a week now. The main reason is the MUGEN ARCHIVE has reached a level of traffic our servers can't handle anymore and the only alternative to this (temporary) workaround was having the site being mostly unusable. I'm sure you've noticed these frequent and annoying database errors, now you know the reason.

Of course, I won't allow this situation to last for long, so I've ordered a powerful new server. I want you to know your donations have helped a lot, so thank you. We'll move to the new server tomorrow so expect some temporary difficulties. DNS updates usually take a few hours to propagate, it can't be helped.

And another great news, a software upgrade is ready for the download area so expect some exciting new features very soon. The best has yet to come.

Men must become more then men, and gears must become more then gears.


11th January 2016, 01:14
:amazed: wow new server now that is awesome news. I just love how this is going :laugh: Im so hype :yahoo:

That Man
11th January 2016, 18:48
Thank you my dear friend.

We are now on the new server, friends, and this is all thanks to your support it is happening, so thank you.
We will progressively reinstate all features that were throttled overtime and restore site to its prime, and even farther.

Slow site? Something not working as usual? Please report any issue that could be related to the server upgrade, I'll look into it asap. There's still room for more CPU and memory upgrades, so do not hesitate to report any issue. The best has yet to come.

Men must become more then men, and gears must become more then gears.


11th January 2016, 21:21
That will be a good plan to stop unregistered users from downloads in this site.

11th January 2016, 21:44
Hey guys! You scared me a lot! I try all morning to conect...... Thanks for the advise!:thumbup:

12th January 2016, 04:05
So far, so good. The site is loading faster than ever for me. :smile:

Sol Badguy
12th January 2016, 16:09
This is no bullshit, I can download at the speed of the light now. :thumbup:

20th January 2016, 04:25

23rd February 2016, 02:36
Yo guys - thank you so much for this site.

23rd September 2017, 17:37
as a new user I think it's a great idea, but I think it's very extreme that we have to post so much to just make a download, I think every download should have a minimum like or a share and there you will unlock the download

23rd September 2017, 20:23
No download, weekend.
So, upgrade your status to New Challenger to enable your access to the DL area.. plus socialize with so many members around the community..XD

23rd September 2017, 20:40
that is, I can only download the weekend?

23rd September 2017, 20:43
that is, I can only download the weekend?

Not as long as you remain as Lurker.. so, go around the forum and do some post, and you will very soon be a New Challenger. With New Challenger, you're good to go..XD

23rd September 2017, 20:48
Oh thanks bro!

23rd September 2017, 20:53
Oh thanks bro!

No problem..XD but please avoid some shitposting on certain threads where it don't belong..

23rd September 2017, 20:57
Yes bro , I'm still very new to the forums and I do not know exactly what the post is where I should talk about certain topics, because English is not my mother tongue, but I will keep a positive attitude at all times!

23rd September 2017, 21:03
redpapa.. I will help you with some nice place where you can find specific topic and do some post, and get your rank as soon as possible..

Ok Here: Non Mugen Discussion (https://mugenarchive.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?17-Misc-Non-MUGEN-discussions)

23rd September 2017, 21:05
really , thanks friend

24th September 2017, 05:44
Well, thanks, i can download it very fast now than the old server.

22nd October 2017, 16:36
So, I'm assuming that this is a permanent thing?
Nothing against it, just means I need to learn the value of patience again. :)