View Full Version : Visual Novels 18+/All Ages

27th November 2017, 07:13
Anyone here playing/reading this sort of games? Looking for buddies in this area:grin: share your experience and interesting VNs to read

17th December 2017, 02:15

all ages corner:
Narcissu (doujin visual novel by stage-nana)
fault milestone one (Another doujin japanese visual novel for all ages. Made by ALICE IN DISSONANCE)

because i am still 14,i will just do 15 years old in 2018 to play console ports of eroge. (which has adult content removed)

20th December 2017, 06:31
well i am 30 and single so i mostly play eroge :D except the great ones like Ever 17 or Clannad or Fate series where eroge is a bonus 1 scene or so...
What are u currently reading? if reading:laugh:

20th December 2017, 14:41
yep there are companies who ports eroge on videogames (mostly psp and ps vita) removing adult content, making them for all ages.