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15th November 2017, 02:01
There are many unknown games that go unnoticed that many don't know and I'd like to give a spotlight to these games. So with in this thread, I want to showcase indie or fan games you would recommend. You can also contribute as well if you feel like it. If you do, make sure to have a link to the game and instructions if needed. I have several rules. Game cannot be NSFW. If you have a link to the game, make sure the links are not over 3 parts and PC only. No shady links allowed. Or else I'll delete it. With that, I hope to showcase a variety of games here if this thread pops off :)

I'll start with my first recommended game, Super Smash Bros Crusade


Why you should try it?
-Nearly game play accurate or on par with what the competitive smash scene is used to.
-Lots of character variety (With many more chars on the way)
-Playable Local and Online
-Active community

Link https://gamejolt.com/games/ssbcrusade/52583

15th November 2017, 16:01
For those who are fans of the Turn Based game-play of the SRW Series, here's Battle Moon Wars
Released in 2005 and is now considered abandonware, Battle Moon Wars is a parody of the SRW games using Type Moon characters.

-Now Fully translated in English. Credits to Seiha for Translating the game

Known Type-Moon Series included:
Fate Series
Kara no Kyoukai
Melty Blood
Kagetsu Toyha

-Use HjSplit to join files
-Use 7zip to extract file
-Set your region to Japanese before playing
-For those who get a black screen while ingame, I included a fix in the file

Link (3 parts)
Part 1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Y6Z41ZwhWZb2J5YTBfcHE2YUE/view
Part 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Y6Z41ZwhWZbThIQ3BDemdreXM/view
Part 3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Y6Z41ZwhWZdENrcGFiT3pha3c/view

15th November 2017, 16:48
The reason why i recommend Big Bang Beat Revolve,it's because Has many stuff taken from Guilty gear and hokuto no ken... and nice graphics tho...

For those who do not know it's an doujin game made by Frontier AJA (when "NRF" made Big Bang beat 1st impression,the work had to stay with Frontier AJA...)
Based on an Eroge RPG/VN By Alicesoft co ltd (Same company of Rance) named: Big bang age (An "Dai" series game by Alicesoft after daiakuji)

-Direct link from Doujinstyle- (http://doujinstyle.com/games/Fighting/BigBangBeat%20Revolve.zip)

16th November 2017, 15:10
Heres another I'd reccomend, Sonic World

A fan game incorporating elements from the Sonic Adventure/Heroes series with a twist.

-For anyone who loves the nostalgia and feel of the old 3d Sonic games
-Very active community
-Mod Support (Characters, Stages, etc.)
-Releases and Updates constant

Site: https://sonicworldfangame.com/
Game: http://www.mediafire.com/file/32el8h2lmdav5u7/Sonic+World+R8.zip

23rd November 2017, 10:24
Teenage mutant ninja turtles shell shocked arcade beat em up. metrod confrontation, and am2r metroid 2 remake a 2d metroid zero mission gba style looking game