View Full Version : What is your favorite strategy game?

25th September 2017, 15:41
I know there are a lot of people who love these kinds of games, especially if it's online.
I've always liked Command Conquer, Warcraft Frozen Throne, and all versions of Age of Empires.

8th October 2017, 15:59
I used to play a lot of age of empire 2, starcraft and command and conquer red alert 2, those games are simply amazing !!!!!!

20th October 2017, 18:26
Warcaraft 3 and starcraft mostly but also loving stronghold and age of empires as well

20th October 2017, 19:04
I prefer RTS over turn-based games. So I guess any of the listed above :p

21st October 2017, 00:46
Age of Empires 2 was my go-to game for a long time, when I was younger I used to love making big maps where there were two towns, and each had armies filled with elephants and they'd battle it out to see who'd win.

21st October 2017, 03:42
i like turn based so fire emblem and disgaea

24th November 2017, 23:24
Warcraft 3 is and will always be my favorite

24th November 2017, 23:33
Fire emblem and Project X Zone are my jam