View Full Version : Sociability and pessimism

Sep 16, 2017, 10:45
Well this is a serious topic actually, this topic sparked in my mind when I switched from forums to facebook. I looked at some people's prophiles and they're all sharing their photos and their entire life in that (any personal detail).
The simple question here is: have social platforms destroyed the sense of privacy / do actually users want to be observed/virtually-stalked? Or is it just a natural evolution of a sociopathological mindset already existing before "the age of sharing" ?

Another question: do social platforms actually encrease the separation span between poor people and rich people?

In simpler manners: what's your general opinion on social platforms?

Sep 19, 2017, 23:04
I like these questions! Although I only want to answer one... I think that rather then privacy being destroyed altogether, social media has built a platform to which people feel the need to "lead interesting and intriguing lives" in ways that it almost subconsciously makes people craft online persona's (of course not everyone but a noticeable amount of people) that almost pander to the people that follow them and eventually crafts a sort of validation seeking that makes people post religiously so that the online community in which the persona lives is kept alive and somewhat immortalizes that person so that they are not forgotten in their generation and a slim chance in history. Though this is a vague summery for it and there are many more factors/details that go into it, this feels like the general answer for online social media and the content people share and why. Which does make it impersonal to a point, but there is also a difference between online persona and life verses what is actually happening, just because someone shows the public an aspect in their life, does not mean that the online community gets the full picture or even the TRUE reality of their lives, it could be a stylized reality meant to paint the poster in a more intriguing light