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12th September 2017, 18:33
Hey Brothers & Sisters of MMV, I bring you the latest video preview of Eddy Gordo in capcom style for Mugen.

I hope you like it.


As you can see its a fully playable beta.
The *sff almost reach the 1000 sprites.
Added Tekken Sounds.
Added Hitsparks & Guardsparks
Add Running Animation
Still making the Getshit sprites& animations
his gameplay its still based in a KUNGFUMAN but he is moving pretty good.
The final color separation will start when all the sprites/animations/test has been finished (to avoid work extra on useless sprites)

Things to do:
Finish the Gethit sprites.
Final color separation (smart palette).
Finish the normal moves sprites/animations/test.
Adjust special moves, hypers, etc.
Add Throws.
Add get up attack.
Better gameplay.
Better command to rise the variety of attacks.
Raise the comboability
More intro and win pose.
Better AI.

Still a lot of work but Eddy its comming...
Thanks for your time, and please feed this Project with your comments.

Take care

Your Friend LESSARD

credit LESSARD

23rd August 2018, 19:19
This looks sick is it released!?!?