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12th September 2017, 18:28


MVC1 ASSIST HELPER and original from forgotten worlds or lost worlds.

STATUS : 90%

Author : Mazemerald / LESSARD.
Sounds by andywho and shared sprites by fede de 10,
gethit sprites by armin_iuf
electro and borewood13 by your help for some questions.

Hello! friends...

this is the new video of Unknown soldier w.i.p.
i hope you like the result,but i am working on more details and codings.

the moveset were based on forgotten worlds,the types of shots and moves.

i plan to make a shirtless U.S intro with zenny appearing like a shining spot.

The character project is done,but it missing other things to fix and let it more suitable and similar to other mvc1 assist done.

credit Mazemerald

13th September 2017, 06:02
damn bro, are you wave dashing with him?!! i just hear "woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh" when you dash, sounds like you wave dashing like a pro

7th October 2017, 21:47
looks good, can't wait to try it out