View Full Version : Guyver MVC Style by Ryon

12th September 2017, 18:22

I've always liked the Guyver for mugen, It was actually one of the reasons I got into creating.
back when I knew nothing and edited characters, I edited The Ultimate Guyver by Youngdragun and I fixed it up... which lead to me making my own characters eventually.

So years later, I relized there has never really been a Good Guyver (I know Odin787 was working on one but I havent seen it released or anything about it) So I think is time to bring back this legend.

ALSO! I knew NOTHING about Guyver other than his name. So I'm reading the Manga, and watching the anime, and watching the live action movie.
Its AMAZING! I strongly recommend any of the material. (People who hate live action adoptions, get over yourself, just enjoy it)

credit Ryon