View Full Version : Re: The reviewers group will be discarded. What we really need is news.

Sep 03, 2017, 01:31
SO basically you are looking for something like MFFAWN on MFFA but with MUGEN Archive uploads?

Sep 03, 2017, 01:40
Apparently my post got deleted. let me word this better:

Would you like something like a collection of MUGEN creations hosted on MUGENArchive once a week in the news section? I think this way creators can get more recogniton.

Sep 06, 2017, 07:25
Well the reporter status will be troublesome to get since there aren't too much releases.
In the last six months there had been only 20 releases in total betwen screenpack,chars and stages so no much progress,let's remember mugen is almost dead in some parts of the world and in others is already dead since newcomers that only wanted fame ruined everything not a joke is the harsh truth.
For example several newcomers in mugen harased to the author dissidia reason of why he left several forums,the same as sxvector,the same as h-loader and tons of others authors for example some "authors" have the nerve to call themselves author when alll what they do is just change the cmd to make the movements more easy,edit the cns so the char is more powerfull and ready they claim "I did this char" or others just change the palette and say they did the whole char.
Since most people here don't use futaba channel bbs they will barelly know what is released and the language difference will make it hard.
What is needed to revive the community isn't a status like reviewer,support staff or similar stuff what is needed is the participation of the highers ups in the chain not only that what is needed is a hack of the engine 1.1 for example i could decompile the engine and add features and shaders,make it 64 bit exclusive and more features but since nobody is paying i won't move a finger.
Other thing would be make everything transparent like saying who are the admins,the admins should be in charge of everything (instead of authorizing a few as moderators),who is the CEO of the site,the total expends and how much money is received each month,admins mail in plain sight to contact in case of need like a REAL forum.
For example motivate authors with contests like make a char in 24 hours the prize is XX amouth,or make a screenpack original HD 720p or 1080p in one week prize 3XX but only original stuf allowed and has to compete with last generation of console fighting games or similar stuff,while i do admit mugen communities are poor it doesn't mean the sites are poor for exmaple i was CEO of a certain forum few months ago (reason of why i was inactive) and the forum was for mugen creations we close due to a problem with big company due to users creations,authors claiming they did stuff that only ripped from consoles games,my point the community is indeed poor but the site had money to spare to give prices and make contests for creations so the archive could make those kind of contests to motivate authors.
The reason of the dead of mugen is because the communities aren't appealing and the overuse of the same old chars is laughable,for example i understand people making chars with the NDS sprites of naruto on the old days but it was due to people not having powerfull enough pcs now you can handle HD mugen+ HR chars and HD stages with any PC that has at least 7 years old if you search you can find quite a lot of stuff to make HD material and the perfect way to foment this would be contests.
Other thing is that most reviewers are the newcomers the ones that are here for fame and barelly can write properly or beat around the bush too much just to say "Is good" with tons of adjectives and similar words reason of why nobody pay too much atention to reviews.
Other way to promote a community would be deleting those really bad made chars the perfect example would be those undertale chars those are really bad made and barelly have enough gameplay on it and nobody would be interested on a review of a chars that is garbage to be deleted inmediatelly (as i did on that forum i deleted all the undertale stuff and leave no trace or backup of the thread) rise the quality instead of quantity since most stuff can be added to the mugenwiki directly instead of here.
This isn't mugenwiki that saves everything this is an archive that was supposed to keep the best achieved chars,stages,screenpack in mugen.