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23rd November 2015, 23:38
Well well .. while I liked the Mugen . but I did not have the interest to make one more elaborate , but after a while . mania came to my head and I started this project .
based on the great game of fighting Dengeki bunko climax which many could not play. but thanks to the magic of Mugen , try to capture the unique style of play.
until now the game is in development by 90 % , the only thing missing is the visuals as portraits and other things that I want to put .
The game has both characters as blazblue dengeki bunko , guilty gear , persona 4 arena , vanguard princess among others
I hope to share it later and if this issue is not going here please let me know XD


16th May 2018, 18:37
Nosaki-san, I realize it's been a long time since the upload of this post. I was just wondering, will you ever finish or upload the finished projects? I, as a follower of yours on YT, would like to know, please?