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12th June 2017, 06:32

12th June 2017, 06:37

24th June 2017, 21:58
Doom II. Not only because it's a great game*, but because it is one of the most flexible games out there in terms of modding - if not the most. Plus, it's Doom, man!

*(I hesitate to say 'revolutionary' - that accolade goes to the original Doom!)

25th June 2017, 07:26
undertale is a really good game with a nice fanbase... mostly

8th July 2017, 21:03
God of War III

1st August 2017, 18:58
Guitar hero 3

2nd August 2017, 19:11
...I think I can't answer that...I gonna let my images talk by themselves XD
But otherwise, I would go with Duelist of the Roses, it's an obscure game that if you're into Yu-Gi-Oh!, it's a MUST PLAY game.

14th August 2017, 16:16
Heavily subjective, but in my opinion, good and fun collectathons are fantastic.

The biggest merit for those I'd say go to the Spyro series. I'd say the Banjo series, but I haven't played those to weigh in.

14th August 2017, 17:48
Binding of Isaac is a lot of fun to mess around with. probably my most played game outside of fighting games.

19th August 2017, 11:09
I love online games where you get to interact with others. MOBAs like League or DOTA are great, and MMOs also scratch that itch if you find a good guild.

25th August 2017, 05:55
I am a ps2 guy so: Sly 3, Burnout revenge, Shadow of colossus and katamari damacy.

24th September 2017, 13:36
Consoles been buggy, stuck on Laptop.
Blade and Soul for story and gameplay options allowing personal preferences for skill setup.

Manji Ranger Kiavala
28th April 2019, 05:51

28th April 2019, 12:55
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

11th October 2019, 21:44
Since someone mentioned SOTN, I will also vote for that, one of the most iconic game in the ps1 era

Brass Fox
14th October 2019, 20:50
Doom 1&2, Minecraft, All 3D Mario games and much more

15th October 2019, 05:07
Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim, and Left 4 Dead 2

9th November 2019, 18:27
I have so many, if you're into action platformers Freedom Planet is amazing. Baba is You ended up being one of my favorite puzzle games of all time, Just Shapes & Beats is a great game too, super difficult but I was used to how it played, mainly because I've beaten every Gradius game besides 5/V. If you're looking for a strategy/civilization management game there's Stellaris, the nice thing about of Stellaris is that the modding community for it is very active. I also really like RCT2 but if you're going to play it, get it on steam then install OpenRCT2 and run that. My favorite collectithon of all time is A Hat in Time, super great game, the writing is funny and clever, the characters are likeable and everything about it just works.

There are so many others I could mention but we don't want this to turn into a super world wall now do we?

9th November 2019, 18:38
Hollow Knight is probably my favorite.
I can't wait for Silk Song to come out. Though it will be tough having that and Cyberpunk 2077 coming out so close together.

9th November 2019, 21:05
i think that grand theft auto online is one og the best games to come out ever. playing it with your friends never stops being fun for me