View Full Version : M.U.G.E.N Eternity Tournament Manager - COMING SOON

Chaos Spindash
7th June 2017, 21:27
Hello everyone!

Today I'm presenting you a project I've been working on lately. After many sleepless hours and tons of cans of Red Bull (not really), I'm proud to show you:
the M.U.G.E.N Eternity Tournament Manager

This little tool will help you organizing M.U.G.E.N tournaments. Just punch in the fighters and let the games begin!

With the help of C#, .NET and SQL Server, I'm finally able to create a tool, that will come in handy to anyone of you.


Reading fighters from SQL Server database
Picking 16 fighters randomly for tournament
User-friendly GUI
Easy management of rounds, from first K.O. round to the finale


Direct interaction with M.U.G.E.N. I haven't mastered its commands yet, but I will add a QuickVS interface soon.
Independence from SQL Server: This can cause problems when installing it on a PC different than mine. I'll try to use MS Access instead.


Higher fighter capacity (up to 32) with Group Phase
Team Tournament Mode
Anything you want, I'm open to suggestions and changes :smile:

As the project develops, I'll upload the source code to GitHub sooner or later, so you can easily contribute to this project.

I'd be happy to hear some constructive feedback from you! :very_good:

8th June 2017, 05:50
May the god of coding be with you, i'm kinda curious about your project. What will be the benefits of this project if people can just create their own MUGEN roster?