View Full Version : Chris Redfield's new look (RE7 "Not A Hero" DLC; contains spoilers)

4th May 2017, 04:37
Hey guys.

So, placing the bet that a healthy chunk of y'all are Capcom fans, I wanted to talk about something I don't normally get into: Resident Evil.

See, I've never been a fan of the franchise; horror games aren't typically my thing. But I DO like certain characters from Resident Evil, based on the things I read and learn about them in other games.

And one of my favorites is Chris Redfield.

Not just because he's hot -- though he is -- but because I like him as a character. He just seems like a regular guy, even with all the fighting and the exploding and the constant trauma. Yeah, he can throw down with monsters and crazy psycho scientist who spend too much time at Hot Topic, and yeah, he punches boulders, and yeah, he has biceps the size of my head (which may or may not be part of the appeal...), but at the end of the day, Chris has always felt like someone you could talk to, someone sympathetic and kind even after all the shit he's seen and done.

So I'm already worried about the "Not A Hero" DLC from the title alone. It makes me scared that they're gonna try and make Chris some kind of dark, edgy anti-hero type, or have him do something awful for "The Greater Good". Having him show up as part of this new Blue Umbrella Corp only makes me more worried.

At least, I was until I saw his new character model:


For the uninitiated, Classic Flavor Chris is on the left, and New Redfield is on the right.

So. He looks...different. Way different. Almost scary different.

But more than that, dude looks younger. Like a lot. Kind of like how I remember Chris looking way back in the days of the first game -- or at least its remake, because Original Model Chris was made of PS1 polygons, the poor guy.

What's more, that's not a character model some lazy guy farted out based on some rando actor because it was less work than making a faithful representation of Redfield. No, that took time and work to make. A lot of it. You can see it in the facial features, the mouth and jaw -- this guy was built this way on purpose, to look like Redfield, but not be the same Redfield as our boulder-punching walking bicep. (pardon my swooning)

He's slimmer, less 'roided up, with a lot less weathering on the face. Like I said, younger.

Now, taken into account alongside what I know of the games (bio-organic weapons, zombies, lots of dicking around with genetics), and suddenly Blue Umbrella Chris' new look has some really chilling implications.

What do you guys think? Am I reading too much into this? Making excuses for a shoddy design? Do you hate the new look for Chris, or like it?

Let me know!

5th May 2017, 01:27
There's alot of theories about that, some people said that is a brainwashed Chris, others said that is actually H.u.n.k with a face surgery to look like Chris. I really dont have any idea if this is the original Chris, but yes he looks way different than him, i guess we will have to wait until the DLC comes out to get the actual answers.