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6th August 2015, 01:28
Hi, I am looking for Hyper Vegito made by TheHyper921.

This is a video:


8th August 2015, 21:58
beware these character were meant for the older version of the unlimited winmugen and NOT for mugen 1.0 or mugen 1.1 software. so you might be facing some problem.

Original Gogita by super mystery: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g2ihxn76m016q28/OLD+SM+DBZ+Characters.zip
Hyper Gogita UBB BY super mystery: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1fd064hx19cwalw/GogetaUB22v25.zip

Hyper Vegito BY Super mystery http://www.mediafire.com/download/g2ihxn76m016q28/OLD+SM+DBZ+Characters.zip

also these characters are not 100% stable so also keep that in mind because these characters are old and never been updated sense 2007 from 2009 with the latest build of mugen software. Its funny that your asking old stuff that been edit so many time. Even tho Hyper921 took the stuff from super mystery and edit the character off super mystery. I bet you knew that :amuse:

I also recommend try to contacting them threw there website and see if they can help you further. there website is still active

but bit of a warning tho. that character was lost and forgotten so I don't know if anyone in the mugen community have the full version. I hope for the best for you and I hope this help you out :thumbup:

17th August 2015, 17:23
Thank you for these links, but I was looking for Vegito, not Gogeta.

Sol Badguy
19th August 2015, 03:33
looked it up and apparently, this is a private/offline char