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  1. Stolen Banner
  2. Some advice on avatars.
  3. mugen.the-chronicles.org
  4. adding detail
  5. website
  6. Good Job
  7. someone help!! how do you get permision to download??
  8. mobile friendly
  9. FAQ : invalid security token, how to fix?
  10. Someone Uploaded an older version of my character, can I request to merge?
  11. [Need Help]EDIT function is not working :(
  12. can't search anything
  13. I need help and information Please :)
  14. Is it okay to link where we found a Character File?
  15. Daily Download Bandwidth Limit
  16. My problem with the bandwith limitation for registered users
  17. Search Bar?
  18. big problem with the website
  19. Heya, What's up?
  20. Voting Poll
  21. my accounts gonna be deleted
  22. [Help]How to renew the file I have uploaded before?
  23. Help - How do I update a uploaded file?
  24. Picture size limit
  25. ANDROID : I can't download here!😩
  26. Having Trouble Posting a Picture/ Image of the Character that i'm trying to upload
  27. Replace/update file and ability to use another file hosting site?
  28. Unable to access this files?
  29. Official rant thread (not sure if anyone cares)
  30. how can i delete a download
  31. Change image order in uploaded character
  32. How to upload?
  33. Updated characters??
  34. Promotion
  35. Need to change my Username
  36. I need help with uploading zips
  37. No download weekend: Where it passed and where it failed
  38. Signature Help
  39. Unable to download.
  40. Double posted characters or placed in wrong sections/category
  41. personal messages
  42. Thanks
  43. Refuse to disable AdBlocker
  44. How would one go about deleting their account?
  45. General adfly thread
  46. Portrait size issue
  47. Question about Uploads and Mugen versions.
  48. Imposible to post in requests
  49. Question about the Tags feature
  50. Some toxic crap MFG decides to pull on me.
  51. Nothing is downloading for me
  52. Spritesheets
  53. What is up with the ads
  54. I cannot use the "Search Files" function.
  55. Can someone explain me what Amature and Child Art is for?
  56. FAQ : adfly troubleshooting (no drama)
  57. Notifications for comments on uploaded content`?
  58. trying to upload a file, and need help.
  59. About uploading theme sounds
  60. Music player
  61. Left4Joker seems like he needs a second person....
  62. need help uploading Regear character sprite pack from Project G.
  63. what's with the reputation system?
  64. I can't make request threads?
  65. Having problems with character limit and replies
  66. What's wrong with user twhy2001
  67. Posted Character in wrong section
  68. Cant download any character please help?
  69. Slow Website?
  70. Still no Contributor status yet?
  71. Don't know how to add images to upload
  72. Blocked account
  73. Lurkers, read this ! [TO BE STICKED]
  74. A few questions about my last thread...
  75. I lost reputation points (over a thousand)
  76. Query about Lurker
  77. Tagging in the DBZ Section
  78. why does this forum have char that are 18+ but the agreement that you accept to stat
  79. What do these green ball thing means
  80. How do i change my profile picture?
  81. Hi, Please Help!
  82. Not possible Download
  83. An Upload Dilemma?
  84. rules, regulations, and other sundry details
  85. Donating issues?
  86. chatbox issues
  87. FAQ : how to fix the most common issues (CAN'T DOWNLOAD, etc...)
  88. Want to deactivate account. please help me
  89. Can't download any files?
  90. How do I even USE this site?!
  91. How do you re upload a file?
  92. A question
  93. Download speed issue...
  94. Alright what is up with this one message every 15 minute bullshit
  95. Uploading Question (Brocken Char)
  96. Can i change my name on M.U.G.E.N. Archrive?
  97. 403 forbidden to the site?
  98. Descent fighter rank meaning
  99. adfly
  100. banning members and unbanning members
  101. Is there a way to remove this poster?
  102. I can't dowload
  103. Help, i cant downloads nothing
  104. Whoops
  105. Trouble Logging In
  106. cant downlad anything
  107. Idea to make the communauty more acitve
  108. Uploading W/ a sprite image
  109. Contributors group
  110. Can't download a particular file
  111. Help with uploading pictures for characters
  112. Adding signature
  113. Files are not Downloading Because of AdFly
  114. Download crash midway on+20mb files
  115. How do i reply to visitor messages
  116. Paid for VIP and it says i did not
  117. How I can update a character that I uploaded?
  118. How can I change my Username in this Website ?
  119. My thoughts of this event
  120. Mods, i need to know something.
  121. So, how do people excactly get that red-ball reputation?
  122. This site is great and all, but has disrepectful admin among other flaws.
  123. Help!
  124. please help! i cant donate!
  125. How do you add picture with the file you want to upload?
  126. How do I remove/delete my account?
  127. question about signature images.
  128. Lost donor status
  129. Can't view uploaded pics even though I am a member - ADMIN PLEASE LOOK
  130. My publications vanish from chars and stages sections.
  131. What is allowed on this site?
  132. Is there a speedrun guide on how to enable 100MB+ downloads for your account?
  133. ADVICE: Advise to change user passwords.
  134. How to contact Admins
  135. Why did they delete my uploads?
  136. What is a betrayer?
  137. Duplicate uploads
  138. Upload question
  139. Help her about her account..
  140. adding an image to an upload
  141. Regarding to my creations on this website
  142. Wouldn't user Glerp's behavior considered enough for him/her to get banned?
  143. Hello need a little help?
  144. Profile Question
  145. Make a change to the rules.
  146. Private messages and Visitor messages
  147. Username change?
  148. About the "new challengers"
  149. char very big,no upload?
  150. Download & Ad Issues?
  151. The Shorte.st Problem
  152. Warning for (Unregistered User?) Posted Obscenty
  153. Is there a back up site in case mugen archive gets compromised?
  154. Having some trouble navigating this site!
  155. I cant download even though i have activated account and im new here
  156. About lurkers
  157. Weird Error
  158. A odd error
  159. I Hate old NSFW Mugen archive...
  160. Sudden download issue
  161. Cannot upload files due to Cloudflare error.
  162. Is it possible to change your account name?
  163. temporarily or permanently??? Infraction/violation points???
  164. cant upload?
  165. Unable to Access Site on WiFi - 403 Forbidden
  166. Banner hacked?
  167. How do these things work?
  168. How to cancel the account level blocked me wrong
  169. What's Up with the Downloads Section?
  170. Can't download anything
  171. Can't Download
  172. How do I request Creator and Reviewer titles?
  173. Problems for uplaod
  174. Suggestion to make new poll type.
  175. Bunch of files with the [nsfw] tag and they not Change to [18+]
  176. New Smiley Idea
  177. Sorting by File/Views/Downloads/etc... they aren't functioning
  178. something gets me about this site
  179. Help me please
  180. Why my Hotmail account is banned??
  181. Simple enquiry
  182. How often do people go to the forums
  183. How to change your Username?
  184. Downloads not working (I don't have adblock at all)
  185. Downloads not working
  186. Metadata inaccuracy
  187. Thank you all of Mugen Team
  188. Uploading problems
  189. Notifications off? /Benachrichtigung ausschalten
  190. how do i change my profile pic
  191. Ironic message
  192. May I please have some credit?
  193. shorte.st is showing ****ography
  194. I found a bug....
  195. I got to post this.
  196. How do i download?
  197. thank you mugen archieve
  198. This may be a highly stupid question, but...
  199. Stating logical opinions can lead to ban?
  200. File-dislike problem thing
  201. How can i update my file in this website?
  202. Account help
  203. Is posting MUGEN characters and stages download link not allowed?
  204. Wondering about the ranks here...
  205. THANK YOU
  206. Help! My rank was lowered!
  207. Help me~I can't download anything.
  208. Characters more accurate descriptions
  209. Moved to a location with a previous IP Ban?
  210. A doubt about the ranges.
  211. lurker to new challenger steps, 4 posts how to new members = ban+block+bad rep ?
  212. Hello everyone.
  213. slow download
  214. Can't download any files
  215. Can't download characters
  216. how do i deactivate my account
  217. I need some help with the error 542. [maybe infinite waiting uploading?]
  218. If I download the file, I got "Fail - Network Error".
  219. Mugen Archive Checking Web Browser
  220. I got deactivated and/or banned
  221. Monthly $5 donation goes through but VIP status has not been given.
  222. Removing my upload before it's too late!
  223. What's Going on with my characters?
  224. I have a question about reuploading
  225. I can't upload anything
  226. Help please.
  227. Clarifications on repack files
  228. I cannot donate using paypal. Link broken.
  229. Im having an issue
  230. New Here and just general major changes that can help the site!
  231. "Banned form uploading"
  232. How do I edit the sprite that is displayed when a character is uploaded?
  233. I don't know where to post my request !!
  234. how do i edit my comments/posts after there submitted?
  235. I got the "Banned from uploading" ban How do I get resolve of this?
  236. Discord tags?
  237. YouTube Preview Malfunction
  238. my thread was deleted..
  239. whos the owner of this website?
  240. Report ad issues
  241. Re: This guy will haunt me to death...
  242. Is there anyway to help other people on MA?
  243. banned from uploading or downloading
  244. "Error:Download has failed"
  245. How do I delete group request to submit another one
  246. Performance issues are back?
  247. Need help ... please
  248. Internet is very slow.
  249. Help with signtures :D
  250. Help uploading?