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  1. The reason why I created the Mugen Archive
  2. Long overdue website upgrade finally accomplished.
  3. MUGEN Fighting Jam 1.0 MUGEN ARCHIVE Edition Build 2 Released
  4. Goodbye Chronicles, welcome back to THE ARCHIVE
  5. The MUGEN ARCHIVE will need to evolve
  6. MUGEN ARCHIVE upgrade
  7. Another MUGEN ARCHIVE upgrade
  8. Yet another MUGEN ARCHIVE upgrade
  9. Incoming downtime
  10. Some MUGEN ARCHIVE news
  11. MUGEN ARCHIVE news and some plans for the future
  12. Update : MUGEN ARCHIVE news and some plans for the future
  13. New feature : MUGEN content developers support
  14. Until the site gets patched, downloads will be disabled for unregistered users
  15. Another HDD upgrade
  16. Multiple server incidents today
  17. Article: Multiple server incidents today
  18. Article: MUGEN ARCHIVE news : Found news section added
  19. Server crash
  20. Article: Server crash
  21. MUGEN ARCHIVE update
  22. Article: MUGEN ARCHIVE update
  23. The MUGEN ARCHIVE wiki is back!
  24. Left4Joker News
  25. Another MUGEN ARCHIVE upgrade
  26. The reviewers group will be discarded. What we really need is news.
  27. kater15 News
  28. Anti-DDOS mode enabled
  29. Beyond MUGEN section
  30. Mediafire blacklisted
  31. Article: Server news : downloads disabled for unregistered users
  32. Interstitial ads re-enabled
  33. New attacks against the reputation of the MUGEN ARCHIVE
  34. Unleashing the MUGEN Smash Mod
  35. Incoming server upgrade
  36. Microsoft email addresses added to the blacklist
  37. Username change option added
  38. New administrator
  39. MUGEN ARCHIVE : 10 years !!
  40. Incoming purge of the 18+ folder
  41. Audit of the 18+ folders
  42. New category
  43. Happy holidays
  44. The MUGEN ARCHIVE has been raided
  45. We're taking action against criminal harassment
  46. Downtime
  47. We are restoring redirect ads for Lurkers
  48. Covid-19