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  1. Ichigo fullbring/Shinigami edit of stormex ichigo W.I.P.
  2. Atomic Dragon Agon WIP....I NEED HELP PLEASE
  3. Atomic Dragon Agon WIP almost ready for Beta release! Video clip inside....
  4. Burning Godzilla WIP
  5. Gabara WIP
  6. Kikaider WIP
  7. NES Godzilla WIP, GIFs of Supers/Hypers included
  8. Titanosaurus WIP
  9. Guyver 0 WIP for Mugen 1.0
  10. Inazuman 8bit by me!
  11. NES Battra and Kamen Rider Rust WIPs
  12. Boba Fett Mega Man style
  13. Hank Will soon be here
  14. My Unfinished Screen pack
  15. Lego City stage and others.
  16. Scrary Skeleton Stage Working in Progress
  17. [M.U.G.E.N W.I.P] Classic Free Fighter Screen Pack
  18. Dengeki bunko Fighting Climax - The Mugen Travelers
  19. Mugen Infinite Characters Battle Working in Progress
  20. Mugen Derptopia ?? W.I.P Intro ??
  23. The Cave HI-RES Stage-Working in Progress
  24. Bluemugen reborn 1.0 & 1.1 working in progress
  25. New MUGEN in progress
  26. my first post and introduction + WIPs i am working on.
  28. MUGEN WIP DM Koakuma
  29. [WIP] [B-Ex]:Mugen-X16
  30. [WIP] Garfield the Cat
  31. Article: [W.I.P] Natural MIKU
  32. AI creations and requests
  33. Sanji MVC char WIP
  34. Character WIP Updates
  35. Nico Robin progress Dragon BallZ vs One Piece Project
  36. Untitled stage Working in progress
  37. Spring 2017 Screenpack 「WIP™」
  38. Falcon Rapper WIP: CVS Choi Bounge POTS/Infinite
  39. M.U.G.E.N Eternity Tournament Manager - COMING SOON
  40. Crossbone Gundam X-1 and Furby
  41. [MUGEN WIP] Super Mugen Entertainment System Screen pack ?
  42. [MUGEN GAME WIP] Advanced Variable Geo MUGEN
  43. Article: Video Preview : Natural Miku (Final Version)
  44. Falcon Rapper WIP: CVS Yashiro Nanakase POTS/Infinite
  45. Beat from Jet Set Radio: Updated WIP
  46. Red Hood Working
  47. Dengeki Bunko Climax Mugen 1.1 Project by SiegeBlood & OldGamer
  48. Frieza - My first WIP
  49. Dragon BallZ vs One Piece Gameplay
  50. M.U.G.E.N W.I.P Char: Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho Final)
  51. Caulifla
  52. Falcon Rapper WIP: All Chars update (Kyo Kusanagi Nests/T.O.Ash Saga)
  53. Dragon BallZ vs One Piece All hyper moves
  54. [WIP] Black Dragon - KOFRIVALS (Beta) Trailer [Mugen League Present]
  55. [WIP] Titanosaurus, the aquatic Kaiju
  56. Cabba WIP
  57. Digimon Gatomon character WIP showcase
  58. Obscure Chars WIP by deathlazer
  59. Anakin Skywalker W.I.P Character for MUGEN (MvC style) by LuigiTheMemeLord
  60. Guyver MVC Style by Ryon
  61. Vs.Style DEBUTS UNKNOWN SOLDIER W.i.P by Mazemerald
  62. Poison Ivy by Harbinger and ZVitor
  63. LESSARD´s Eddy Gordo New Video beta Preview by LESSARD
  64. K A K A R R O T T O O O !!!! by Ryu From Streets™
  65. Warner returns! Marge WIP and Peter Griffin update
  66. KOF Marco (metal slug) - NEW SUPER - lvl2 LASER GUN wip
  67. Falcon Rapper WIP: Stay down, magoot... PREDICTABOOOOO
  68. A future plans for screen pack w.i.p
  69. COMPLETE - Level 2 Laser gun super for KOF Marco from Metal Slug, 50 likes for share
  70. Perfect Cell DBZSB CS credit Omega
  71. Cvs3 - Captain commando stage 1 remake - will be hi res and zoom
  72. Iori Yagami XIV (W.I.P.)
  73. LeChuck SNK style inspired by Monkey Island 2 and 3
  74. A Mugen Open Source Screen Pack Coming Soon made by OldGamer
  75. 80% wip CAPTAIN COMMANDO Stage 1 REmake 1.1, Zoom, Hi-res
  76. I'm Making A Ikemen Melty Blood Remix for my friend KDC705
  77. W.I.P Mud man by wharkandi
  78. Regarding my Garfield character [Still WIP]
  79. Pocket Sonic, Pocket Knuckles, and 20XX Fox [UPDATE COMING SOON]
  80. [WIP] Porygon2 joins the battle!
  81. BitMugen Screen Pack a Atari 2600 theme version Project
  82. rockbunrs
  83. Cute Ridley WIP
  84. Mortal Kombat Multiverse
  85. Athena Maximum Impact WIP
  86. Youtube Characters
  87. TESTING Mugen Stage with Render OpenGL Mugen 1.1
  88. WIP - CVS Hwoarang
  89. My Ikemen Plus Screen Pack Working in Progress....this is hard..
  90. Marvelous Mugen's Shi'ar Invasion Ikemen Plus Edtion Made by BDC
  91. CVS Ragnarok Online Rogue
  92. CVS Double Dragon Billy Lee
  93. WIP screenpack: Persona 5's velvet room
  94. Gohan EX! WIP - Finally a good EB char?
  95. The Wind God
  96. Kame Senin (Mutten Roshi ) Dragon Ball Super
  97. Son Goten Extreme Butoden
  98. ARCADE EVOLUTION Lifebars (My new lifebars for M1.1 project)
  99. MACK THE KNIFE (MVC STYLE) by Capcomnator and Gartanham - wip
  100. Hi everyone DID YAH MISS ME ? oh New cool Project for everyone to see
  101. Mario WIP Thread
  102. Who loved Tou Hou ? Here My Touhou Mugen Kyou Custom Fan Mugen Game WIP
  104. The Cell Games - A What If Story
  106. New Challenger Approaching
  107. Super Pyron is coming.. so get ready to get yo *** kicked
  108. WIP - CVS Lord Shiva
  109. Book (BFDI)
  110. The Part Where I Try To Do Something With My Life
  111. Carbon Screenpack 1.0
  112. Bardock Ssj 3 DBZ Extreme Butoden
  113. opinion wip rhino
  114. [W.I.P.] Project Megaman Battle Circuit X (FAN GAME)
  115. My 1st Char - new Mvc CARNAGE
  116. cooler dbz modification proyect
  117. BitMugen Screen Pack Coming soon
  118. Akito's CVS Mugen Screen Pack WIP By OldGamer and Akito-Sama
  119. akfm +
  120. SCWU Sin
  121. New MKP characters by bumble_vin
  122. Unknow Lifebars (WIP & Visual Update)
  123. WIP - Boshi from Super Mario RPG
  124. The King of Farters '93 !
  125. Sonic : Chaos Tournament - My Project
  126. Vera Trappz (ORIGINAL CHARACTER) - WIP
  127. Shun'ei KOFXIII
  128. Hola! estoy trabajando en un nuevo char "Jessica Jones"
  129. Mugen plataform game
  130. WIP Sonic V4.0
  131. EVE Mugen 2019 Pack Announcement (Coming Soon!)
  132. Upcoming Yakuza 0 Soundtrack for your MUGEN!
  133. Looking for Castlevania Similar Stuff to make and working on new Mugen authentic char
  134. Tamao Mitsurugi (V.G. Custom/W.I.P)
  135. noticia muy pronto se subira este char ya que aun esta por terminarse
  136. Supa's Spriting Corner
  137. Crusader Cast Stadium Made By Supaman2525 & OldGamer Coming Soon!
  138. Creating My First Sprite (Red Hood)
  139. Characters and stages conversion requests
  140. Heart Aino - Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel ver.
  142. [wip] untitled - making character select screen
  143. So the jouney begins..
  144. CvS Rash in proggres...
  145. WIP Bettie Valentine
  146. Wonder Girl Wip
  147. M.U.G.E.N Mortal Kombat 11 (WIP)
  148. mkx subzero for mortal kombat project
  149. Marvel Vs Capcom X
  150. Art The Clown (Terrifier) mkp
  151. terrordrome leatherface for motalkombat project
  152. Azazel(Tekken 6)
  153. Ed (from Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
  154. Diagonal plattaform - abyss
  155. MUGEN Character is Upcoming
  156. *NEW* MvC Megaman X by Pizzahighfive
  157. New chuchoryu´s version chars
  158. Un Autor con muncho potencial
  159. Gogettita :3
  160. BrolyBerserkerWIP
  161. ZaikoWIP
  162. SSJ4 Goku WIP
  163. SSJ4 Vegeta WIP
  164. One Shot Libra WIP
  165. Broly Berserker Inicio Y Movimiento WIP
  166. Baby WIP
  167. SSJL4 Broly Wip
  168. Injustice Gods Mugen chars in proggres
  169. Winter Solider WIP
  170. Dengeki Bunko Fighting climax Full Game
  171. just a bit of OldGamer's salt and pepper, Mhoker' Screen pack Convert to 480P
  172. HD Alucard from Castlevania
  173. New Game Release Poll
  174. Tatsumaki one punch
  175. Org XIII Demyx (Kingdom Hearts) by Retrocognition
  176. Gacha life Me (WIP)
  177. E.Honda Snes Style
  178. Another game release poll...sigh...
  179. Capcom Mugen Screen Pack Working in Porgress
  180. Tiebreaker Poll
  181. Mugen Story mode ( save system)
  182. Bowser Jr.: New Attack and Shorthop Aerials
  183. Muhammed Avdol (Color Separation)
  184. Super mario bros z mugen - Mario REMAKE WIP
  185. NPC INteraction
  186. ENDGAME IRON MAN MVC Sprite project 0,1%
  187. CvS2 Iroha and CvS2 Mina in the works!
  188. MICA FINAL VERSION GET AN HD Version makeover
  190. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Mod for Mugen 1.1)
  191. Bling-W.I.P-Test Render
  192. Re: Falcon Rapper WIP: Mr. Big (I need of palettes)
  193. Show case a DBFCI WIP that Im working on with crazy accuracy
  194. I'm editing K9999 so he looks like Tetsuo from Akira
  195. Mortal Kombat Ultravitalized
  196. Mortal Kombat Ultravitalized
  197. Clowna the Clown & Imi The Genie (ORIGINAL CHARACTERS) - WIP
  198. Tekken 7 Screenpack
  199. Kratos ( God of war) by Bambulin
  200. [WIP] Freedom Planet Screenpack by kater15
  201. [NEW GAME] Death Danger
  202. Working on Erin and Marcus for Muigen
  203. Zack Flanders WIP
  204. Yami Kula remade - Mugen 1.0/1.1
  205. Riddy (Cute Ridley) WIP
  206. Cody Snes Style
  207. MMD ZeroOriginal_RF W.I.P
  208. [WIP]DBFCI - MISAKA Mikoto[Almost finished]
  209. Characters in the Works
  210. MMF, a clone engine
  211. Goku DR Update
  212. Perfect Cell M.U.G.E.N character progress
  213. Capitain américa ultimato wip
  214. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Heroes
  215. Bowser Jr.: New Fire Breath Animation
  216. (WIP) The NCDDD Mugen
  217. (Project) Tag Team Battle Plus Alfa
  218. Rhino wip
  219. Incredible hulk mugen wip
  220. Bleach Insanity Mugen
  221. Kirby Fountain [Super Smash]
  222. Selene Gallio/Black Queen (X-men) W.I.P.
  223. The Kung Fu Man (Cvs/POTS)
  224. Horror Madness Mugen
  225. Stage Interactive
  226. Capcom vs SNK 3: Parallel Dreams
  227. [WIP]VERY Accurate SHIRAI Kuroko from dengeki bunko fighting climax ignition
  228. Trunks jus by Schneyder WIP
  229. MUGEN CHARACTER : VEGA MVC 2 STYLE Character progress
  230. Li Mei WIP
  231. asta black form mvc in progress
  232. black asta MVC update
  233. VEGA MVC2 STYLE Character progress UPDATE 2
  234. MUGEN CHARACTER : VEGA MVC2 STYLE Character progress update 3
  235. HD asta black clover WIP
  236. Funny valentine in mugen!
  237. Reworking Killer Croc
  238. Red Hood (DC Comics) Remix
  239. Vega's new colors
  240. WIP 16 bit black clover demons skull stages all types of day
  241. He Lucathicc, but from scratch
  242. Black Clover MVC mereleona
  243. Kage Maru VF5
  244. naruto 1 tailed cloak HD
  245. the penitent one blasphemous WIP
  246. Rework Old Cuphead MUGEN Bosses(Excluding King Dice)
  247. sosshi village black clover WIP
  248. Black Clover many stages WIP
  249. Mugen MegaMix Sword Master edition full game WIP
  250. (WIP) The Burger King Is Coming...