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  1. Character creation : complete VIDEO tutorial
  2. Set it on fire more
  3. My New WIP Sonic Hires LifeBars 640X480 version made By me OldGamer
  4. Help needed for creating a character.
  5. Recommended character creators?
  6. doubts
  7. Mugen Archive Stage Guide's How to Make Basic Mugen Stages for Beginners
  8. Run FWD help
  9. Question about programming attacks and combos
  10. Black vulcan.
  11. Re-creating the real Xiao Xiao
  12. Boss character?
  13. Making a character from scrap: how to do it?
  14. having trouble making characters
  15. Help me with separation colors character (Hwa Jai)
  16. working on a ken
  17. Rekkas
  18. An outlining problem.
  19. Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura
  20. Some help for a character i'm making
  21. Character's background and outline share the same color. Need help seperating them.
  22. Is there a character sound tutorial somewhere?
  23. I need some help
  24. Can I change the Special meter position?
  25. PM bug
  26. Naoki2534 Edit's Glaceon Sprite Palette Issue
  27. Incorrect Pallete Colors
  28. Pink Gold Peach W.I.P. Announcement
  29. Can an explod use an opponent's animation?
  30. Can't program AI to run normally
  31. Rage/Partner Bar in middle screen.
  32. Can I make a vertical powerbar?
  33. Help with Doubled Sprites
  34. Experience System for mugen?
  35. Could use help with projectiles that have 2 hit counts not just 1
  36. The AI is very weak char
  37. Need a little help with turning issue.
  38. Mugen 1.1 Game Intro
  39. A Question for (somewhat)Experienced Mugen devs
  40. MUGEN Code Library
  41. Please Help
  42. I want to make the right post in the right place, please direct me.
  43. Super Butōden 2 style SSJ1 Teen Gohan (Concept/Planning)
  44. Health Bars!
  45. Sakura Kinomoto, The Queen Of Heart style
  46. looping animation taunt
  47. How to prevent animation from playing
  48. Help with a mechanic for a character.
  49. help fixing pal problems
  50. [W.I.P.] - SvK Dragon Claw edit (First ever on mugen!?)
  51. Sakura Kinomoto (Card Hunter Sakura 2)
  52. Princess Silver from Magical Heroines Plus
  53. Needing CPS2 Shadows For Mugen
  54. unintentional special move cancellation ".\ /."
  55. Help with converting a character's localcoord
  56. Scorn 2.0
  57. Toxin by Crusader Cast team
  58. Cap Britain
  59. Catman: Dc Comics
  60. Hogger(my first character)
  61. Screenpack
  62. Help with timers.
  63. Portrait
  64. Shoto Chun-Li
  65. Is there any Tips or BAsic Tutorials for Character's AI?
  66. Sprite resources
  67. How to change attack effects. ( eg. Flame, Ice, Lightning ect)
  68. Character specific win quotes
  69. Characters just won't work
  70. How to move the cursor?
  71. How to rip SNK & Capcom sprites from WinKawaks and Nebula Emulator
  72. Complete Guide: How to make a Basic Mugen Life Bar for Beginners
  73. [CMD] enemy,command getting super weird ! O_O
  74. Working on my first char
  75. Red & Blue Mugen Archive Screen Pack Working Porgress Coming Soon
  76. Xbox360, PS4 Record Gameplay
  77. Help with Aura code?
  78. error in insertcharacter.cns
  79. Character "Jailbot" is removed from mugen archive
  80. The Punisher
  81. How to add multiple songs to your stages (and make them randomly play)
  82. Single pallete
  83. Character creation help
  84. Spriting.
  85. Akira Otoishi JJBA SPRITE PROJECT
  86. Mizuki Takase [2 versions]
  87. How to fix these bugs?
  88. Mae Jae (a BlazBlue'based art style' girl)
  89. Stage creation error "sprite doesn't exist"
  90. the king of streets mugen project
  91. seeking a extremely tough audience of a beta tester....
  92. Screenpack Background
  93. Menu
  94. sprite background removal
  95. Error message: Undefined command label:
  96. Bahn from virtua fighter vs tekken 2 and fighting vipers in sf4 style (upload soon)
  97. Knockback reduction and super
  98. How to delay an animation's appearance
  99. how do you...
  100. [WIP] Teenage Mutant Ninja Instinct
  101. A question about explods...
  102. oops, you need to configure a m.u.g.e.n first. do it in the tools/options.
  103. Stage animation desyncing randomly
  104. lose animation question
  105. [Fullgame-WIP]Sonic Freedom Fighters - Delta
  106. how to make an attack cause two hits?
  107. Bujin Gaim edit
  108. Character Specific Winquotes not working
  109. LEGACY (normal portrait) link is blocked by Fortinet/Fortiguard
  110. a character that comes with this readme?
  111. error in clsn1 in [begin action 210] elem
  112. Canon Edits
  113. Legacy X Edits - Anyone Have Anyone Heard Of?
  114. Changing a character's portrait in Mugen?
  115. Just Starting out. Hello Mugeners!!
  116. Tomonari Kusami WIP
  117. "Cinematic" in a MUGEN character?
  118. Need AI help
  119. Any tips on Making a character play more like a MVC character?
  120. Making a Mugen Character From Scratch With No Experience With Commands
  121. Tutorial character creation (sprite swapping)
  122. screenpack design question
  123. throwing a non throwable character?
  124. How do you code Hyper armor?
  125. Expanding on MUGEN?
  126. How to make a laser?
  127. what are these definiations?
  128. I'm trying to create my first character
  129. How to code an attack on wakeup?
  130. Characters wont show up! NEED HELP!
  131. Where can I find voice files from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB or EoH?
  132. How to learn cns stuff?
  133. Mica Screen Pack 2nd Version Make Over
  134. Asura/Akugal Symmetrical sprites?
  135. Another stupid error code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. How to fix Gal129's Iggy
  137. M.U.G.E.N Char W.I.P Attempt: Hara Mizuki (Qoh '99 Edit)
  138. How to make character punch more than once?
  139. stage fatality mortal kombat mugen
  140. **** of Fighting .... LEAKED!
  141. I would like to ask why I can not download the package
  142. TMNT Tournament Fighter based Sprites!!
  143. Kof chars hi res
  144. A heavyweight robot to enter the game hehehe... CVS Maxima POTS/Infinite
  145. Transform Char
  146. How eliminate a move?
  147. Need Help Coding
  148. Fighter Factory doesn not show sprites
  149. sound & pause/superpause
  150. Quick little question on FF and 256kpallete
  151. Edit Charecter and Editing Pallete
  152. position setting
  153. Character keeps going to top layer for a single frame?
  154. How can i do an announcer voice?
  155. Barai Sakuya Card System Not Showing
  156. How i can create a Crab animation for the char ?
  157. New Creator here with some questions
  158. Someone Help with Throw Animation ?
  159. Someone help me ? i want to change that menu Mugen 1.1
  160. Problema "no se reconoce el archivo snd de un char"
  161. CVS Kasumi Todoh POTS/Infinite
  162. LOCALCOORD from 320x240 to 1280x720
  163. Help - Spyro the Dragon's Thunder attack crashes the game
  164. Problem with mugen characters in 1.0
  165. Would this be possible?
  166. NSFW or Non-Nsfw Charecter
  167. Not transparent sprite in stance
  168. Screen Freeze
  169. Select Screen Portrait
  170. WIP - Need help with some sprites
  171. Changing the Scale of Special Attacks?
  172. New here looking to hire a mugen art & programming master
  173. Shin Ogre Kazuya - Help with trail/ghosting effect around character
  174. Looking for a team - help needed in sprites
  175. Library error message: Died parsing command != "jump"
  176. [UNPAID] Metal band looking for a mugen team
  177. Dilemma with damage limiters.
  178. AI Combos
  179. How I can create a simple char mugen? / Como criar um simples char mugen ? /
  180. Could Mugen be codded to run on PSP?
  181. Endings for Chars
  182. Diagonal Launcher
  183. How to have your char juggle more
  184. How to change the graphics for the title screen.
  185. Increasing damage output for characters with below average power
  186. Hi! am newbie
  187. Hola un char de groot/ HI A CHAR OF GROOT
  188. Super Cranky Fighters 2 ... Developers Needed!
  189. How to edit Add004 tag system??
  190. Character Transformations
  191. I have a problem with cells sprite, you can help me ?
  192. programmer needed 3D SMITE Characters , I PROVIDE SPRITES
  193. Is there a way to have entire different sprites instead of pallet in mugen?
  194. How to rip snes sprite backgrounds by using VSNES tools
  195. help with a tag system for mugen
  196. Character flies away after getting hit?
  197. auras
  198. some chars get stuck on corner of screen after they assist you
  199. Help with Screenpack
  200. Animated character select graphics
  201. MKX Fatalityes
  202. Project Fairy Tail Mugen needing collaborators
  203. Set up Power of Chars
  204. How to make Dash/RUN in air for a character?
  205. How To Add A Move List Feature???
  206. Problem with palettes
  207. Trying to get rid of EX moves (edit char)
  208. Errors with commands?
  209. Problem with the Color Palette
  210. Need Help with Touhou edit Cunc
  211. disabling Crazy Catastrophes ai
  212. How to make char walk and jump
  213. Como poner a dark god rugal matter mugen?
  214. How to assign animation group for certain attacks
  215. Grab Coding Help
  216. MKP 4.1 SEASON 2.5 character creation tutorial?
  217. Help edit Gouki CVS
  218. Character Specific Win Quotes
  219. How to make char able to "chain combo"
  220. Character specific game overs?
  221. ReversalDef for AI
  222. Add sound in an animation ?
  223. Hi, I wanna give kof Marco(metal slug) a new super
  224. Code Monkeys Demo Game
  225. variables without varset,varadd,ect.
  226. Post your Mugen Screen Pack Creation Coding problems here
  227. Post your Mugen Stages Coding problems here
  228. Considering Hiring. Wanting to make a char.
  229. Having trouble with my character victory quotes
  230. Help With Team Mode Screen?
  231. Logo Help?
  232. [1.1] Specific character Win Quotes Help need.
  233. Help with transformation and Sprites
  234. Help with Time Stop move? (background black and white, turn off music)
  235. What makes Classic KOF sprites so unique?
  236. Editing a character edit...with no editing experience, DX
  237. How to remove chain combos from characters?
  238. About buffer command
  239. Dash that folow the enemy position like Db games
  240. How to resize 320x240 Mugen lifebar into 640x480 right Size
  241. Is there a good mvc character edition tutorial????
  242. Is there a Zip password cracker that works
  243. I need help fixing a character's dash please
  244. Screenpack Error
  245. Is Photoshop a good program to use for editing and creating sprites?
  246. BGM / Marvel vs Capcom BGMs
  247. Editing Character Portraits
  248. adding moves
  249. Got a Few Parsing Errors, Need Help.
  250. AI Errors (Uno Tag team has no target with hit ID -1)