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  1. Street Fighter Manga
  2. Sankarea
  3. Japanese Music
  4. Japanese Music
  5. Immortal Rain {Meteor Methuselah}
  6. The walking dead
  7. Naruto Closing Act
  8. Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star manga
  9. The Gamer (WEBTOON)
  10. power plant 33 at anime expo (for Kaiju Lovers!)
  11. Tremors 5
  12. Mahoraba
  13. ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE!
  14. ScrewAttack's One Minute Melee
  15. Backstroke of the West
  16. Batman vs Superman
  17. Captain America: Civil War
  18. Matrix ripped Soul Edge ROFL !!!!
  19. A-Force
  20. Anybody find any interesting manga/anime to watch?
  21. The Strain FX series
  22. Warcraft Movie
  23. Hunter X Hunter chapter 357 (spoilers)
  24. Fargo (TV show)
  25. New Mashima interview
  26. Favourite songs!
  27. MANGA
  28. Dio's Bizarre Adventure
  29. who's black goku ?
  30. Attack on Titan
  31. Akira: Movie vs Manga
  32. Anime recomendations?
  33. Your Favorite Anime(s)? :P
  34. ==Official ******* Squad Thread==
  35. Favorite undertale song?
  36. Should I Go See ******* Squad?
  37. Youtuber Characters for Mugen
  38. Whats your favorite underrated controversial animes.
  39. Otaku / Anorak - Chill Zone (つ◕౪◕)つ━☆゚.*・。゚
  40. Whats the best anime?
  41. Collecting Water
  42. any ajin fans?
  43. What's your favorite Anime movie?
  44. Who wants to talk JoJo!?
  45. Dragon Ball Super (SPOILERS)
  46. Underwater Theme... ROUND 2.
  47. Bowser's Theme (Super Mario 64)
  48. Shirokuni C62 - Yamazaki's Theme (Power Cover)
  49. Favorite Movies / Movie Recommendations
  50. Mightyraccoon's ARCADE MODE!
  51. Sitar (Original Track)
  52. Dot Hack Vs SAO/ Dot hack X Sao
  53. One Piece Is Leaving Toonami!
  54. 10 favorite comic book characters
  55. My First Indie-metal Album!
  56. What are some shows that you like/hate but everyone else hates/likes?
  57. Anyone here listens to Cupcakke?
  58. What are some of the worst movies you've ever seen?
  59. Worst TV Shows You've Ever Watched?
  60. Favorite genre of music?
  61. Marvel's Secret Empire
  62. Thoughts on Caulifla from Dragon Ball Super??
  63. Favorite Stand in Jojo?
  64. modern marvel comics or dc comics
  65. What is your favorite comedy movie or movies?
  66. Anyone ever seen KEIJO!!!!!!!! ?
  67. Favorite Graphic Novels, Manga, books etc?
  68. Video Games/Manga that you want to see an anime adaptation of the most
  69. Graphic Novel/ Book/ Manga Recommendation?
  70. What is your favorite mecha in all of fiction?
  71. What is your favorite tokusatsu show?
  72. What are some TV shows/movies you've watched that were ruined by the ending?
  73. Nostalgic Commercials!!!!!
  74. Z-Fighters VS X-men
  75. I need moar anime
  76. Thoughts on DC acquiring Watchmen
  77. Worst Anime Ever?
  78. Anime that need sequels and/or reboots
  79. How strong is SSJ blue compared to superman's strength.
  80. New FLCL Anime in the works
  81. Favorite Magical Girls?
  82. Spider-Man Homecoming
  83. KOF Destiny
  84. Favourite songs and inbetweens
  85. Femto in MUGEN
  86. What Are Your Favorite Anime Characters ?
  87. K-Pop
  88. Mad Blood (audio track)
  89. Best Of My Negative Side
  90. JoJolion: How long is Araki gonna pull on for this?
  91. The spider who bit Spiderman..
  92. Who`s that pokemon!?
  93. If you had one important person/celebrity who you could ressurect, who would it be? c
  94. Gohan Z2 OST (Faulconer Arrangement) credit Dailaquan
  95. "It" is currently at 94% on RT with 34 reviews in :D credit DelusionTrim
  96. Any fans of the original IT? credit arose87
  97. THE KING OF FIGHTERS: DESTINY...........now can be watched at YouTube! credit borewoo
  98. Iron Man VS Lex Luthor credit malevka1
  99. Wolverine VS Raiden credit malevka1
  100. "Kimi no na wa." - the best anime in the year of 2016? credit borewood2013
  101. Please play your respect to this professional Donald Duck! credit borewood2013
  102. Check Out The Channel! credit arose87
  103. The Force is STRONG with these ESP kids...even a great Jedi like Luke Skywalker could
  104. A free-to-watch Sci-Fi short movie, Rakka (Volume 1) -- featuring Sigourney Weaver, t
  105. Pick now !! credit Doom
  106. Re-watched the Blade Craft "bonus welfare" video today (2017).....feeling it is chees
  107. Cool cosplayers at Comic-Con 2017 credit borewood2013
  108. If you are a fan of "Thomas the Tank Engine" and live in/travel to Japan then....do n
  109. Let us make up some interesting TV, Movies, Comics names by new creation or by editio
  110. Your Favorite Comic Book Artists credit WADEPOOL
  111. Things You Hate and Love About Comics credit WADEPOOL
  112. RIP Len Wein, co-creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, and Storm credit Jmorphman
  113. Who here is into vaporwave?
  114. WHO`S THAT POKEMON!? difficulty normal
  115. WHO`S THAT POKEMON!? difficulty hard
  116. Favorite Mechas anyone?
  117. who is your favourite jojo character
  118. who is your favourite jojo character
  119. What are some movies that you like/hate but everyone else hates/likes?
  120. What are some things you consider so bad it's good?
  121. Fist of the North Star Manga different from TV Show?
  122. What kind of music do you folks like to listen to?
  123. Favorite kaiju regardless of its franchise of origin?
  124. Favorite Shows/Movies/Anime of 2017 (Recommendations are welcome)
  125. What do you guys think about Dio?
  126. VENT : independent sgrudy metal album
  127. Deadpool 2 teaser
  128. Who is ready for IT part 2
  129. [Poder Politico] should it be made into a Stand for the US JOJO movie?
  130. What is your favorite Sailor Senshi/Sailor Scout?
  131. What animated show(s) are you nostalgic for the most?
  132. Manga Recommendations
  133. Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi HYPE
  134. Walt Disney Company successfully acquired Twenty-First Century Fox!
  135. Who's your favorite Love Live character?
  136. What is your most anticipated TV show/movie of 2018?
  137. What are the anime series you find the most underrated?
  138. which meme is your favorite o cual meme es tu favorito
  139. Animes that made you cry?
  140. Speaking of anime. Everyone has a look Newest "Violet Evergarden" ??
  141. Cartoons that i like
  142. Favorite Music Genre?
  143. A question about Dancouga Nova
  144. What is your favorite DBS character ( Has to be canon to the story )
  145. A Stranger Things Character!?!
  146. Favorite Rock Band?
  147. Phoenix Variant covers - come check them out!
  148. Part 5 When?
  149. Which anime/episode are you watching?
  150. Manga - "Dorohedoro" why you should give it a try
  151. What is/are your favorite anime franchise(s)?
  152. What type of music do you like?
  153. Post-Hardcore
  154. Why Jojo's bizarre adventure part 5: vento aureo isn't confirmed?
  155. Favorite JoJo Parts?
  156. Marvel's avengers infinity wars
  157. Does anyone here love the Lyrical Nanoha franchise?
  158. Dragon Ball Super the thread
  159. What is your favorite Marvel/DC comic book story arc?
  160. Last CD You finished listening?
  161. Who is hyped for A Certain Magical Index Season 3?
  162. Favorite part/s 1-8?
  163. [ SPOILERS ] About Avengers Infinity War........?
  164. What song makes you freak out?
  165. Who is/are your favorite Disney character(s)?
  166. DC comics X Marvel live actions. Who leads the best?
  167. What would happened if Kamille didn't hit Jerid back that day?
  168. Thanos and DIO
  169. Who's the best rapper and why is it Vanilla Ice?
  170. My Hero Academia: Bad Qualities?
  171. suddenly, kamen rider is fun.
  172. What do you think about sergeant keroro?
  173. What's your favorite Album or Albums? Could be any music album.
  174. The "Try to Explain a Plot Poorly" Game
  175. What Song Currently Describes Your Mood?
  176. Let's be honest fellas, do you think a Jojo Part 5 Anime Adaptation will ever happen?
  177. What music genre is your favourite?
  178. Anyone watching the FIFA World Cup?
  179. [Opinion] Best manga to anime adaptions in recent years
  180. what your favorite character in naruto?
  181. Do you know an oasis?
  182. who is your favorite soccer player?
  183. What do you think is going to happen on avengers infinity war part 2?
  184. Does anyone have a personal favorite Gundam character?
  185. Why My Hero Academia is the best anime ever
  186. Songs that you hear when you're bored?
  187. Who's the director that got you to love cinema ?
  188. Post some screenshots from victory screens of tag battles in mugen
  189. TV shows/Movies/Video Games with the worst English dubs/voice acting?
  190. Who is your favorite Music Artist? Mine is Drake
  191. Dragon Ball Heroes!?!?
  192. Which Marvel Movie do you like best?
  193. Iron Fist
  194. Let's talk about DIO, JOJO's DIO
  195. Does anyone know who these characters are?
  196. funny videos thread
  197. Does anybody here know what the SCP Foundation is?
  198. Live action anime movies
  199. What merchandise do you collect from TV shows/Comics?
  200. Proof of levitation
  201. Anyone watch Gundam?
  202. Anime adaptations that should be remastered or completely redone
  203. Any predictions for the upcoming chapters in Wano arc in One piece?
  204. What is the most underrated manga in the west
  205. Do you think legend of galactic heroes deserves to be the best anime(OVA) of all time
  206. Which comics are a must read for you?
  207. Favorite Sitcom?
  208. What is the Last Film you watched on Theatre ?
  209. Venom movie?
  210. Jojo Part 5 is here.
  211. Broly Movie
  212. Boku No Hero Academia
  213. Anybody watched Elfin Lied and sat crying wanting more?
  214. Do you prefear Steven Universe or Aventure Time?
  215. What's Your Favorite Song?
  216. One Punch Man
  217. Top Best Manga!?
  218. JoJo
  219. Stella X
  220. What's Your Favorite K-POP Song?
  221. Last movie watched
  222. New episode of Golden Wind in 3 more days!
  223. Best anime game?
  224. last song listened to
  225. worst show ever made?
  226. Who's Your Anime Waifu
  227. favorite song
  228. new dbs broly trailer!
  229. anyone ready for season 2 of dragon maid?
  230. what was your favorite show as a kid?
  231. What do you think of Jojo Part 5 anime?
  232. Favorite Vocaloid?
  233. Who's your favorite Homestar Runner character.
  234. First anime??
  235. Favourite villains/antagonists of fiction?
  236. Last anime what you have watched
  237. Which was your first cartoon that you liked??
  238. What are some manga you hope get an anime adaptation?
  239. R.I.P. Stan Lee
  240. How much would you pay for a poster?
  241. What was the weirdest kid's cartoon you have ever seen?
  242. Does anyone like listening to the radio?
  243. Favorite Jojo character
  244. Avengers EndGame
  245. Qestion simple boruto or my hero academia ?
  246. what was the last music you heard?
  247. So Manga Readers Any Anit-Mainstream Discoveries
  248. Whats your thoughs on anime wars from mastar media ?
  249. What music is everyone into?
  250. cool books