MANDATORY UPLOAD RULES : There are only a few mandatory rules so it is important to not ignore them.
  1. Credit the legitimate author(s), as far as you know. If you don't know, well, you don't know...
  2. All files must include a local preview or they will be deleted :
    • Characters must include a clean sprite (please refer to the guide : how to export a sprite?)
    • Stages must include a screenshot
    • Screenpacks must include at least a select screen screenshot
    • Music files must include a youtube link, no exception
    The site usually generates characters and stages previews automatically, but if it doesn't you'll need to add it manually, after the file is uploaded.
    DO NOT however embed any unsafe picture or video (rated 18+) on the site, all of the content viewable directly on the site must be safe for work. So make sure your pictures are properly censored, or you may get banned for a whole month.

And that's all for the mandatory upload rules, thank you for reading.

ABOUT FILES DESCRIPTIONS : The metadata generated by the site usually provides the most essential data about uploaded files, so while descriptions are not mandatory, they're still highly recommended because well described files are likely to get a lot more attention, that means more downloads, more likes, etc... Here are some advice if you don't know what makes a good description.
  • Recommended : Author comments if available
  • Recommended : Link to a youtube demo
  • Recommended : Specify any particular feature such as multiple modes, featured HUD element (power bars), etc...
  • Your own comments are welcome too

  • Full games are generally NOT allowed due to server load. There are a few exceptions tolerated such as mini-games from a single author. Moderators have full authority to decide whether a particular full game is accepted or moderated.
  • Characters or stage packs are generally NOT allowed either due to server load. Some packs may be tolerated if all of their content is from a single author, but even in that case the mandatory rules still apply, which means a sprite shot of every character or screen shot of every stage included in the pack must be added. Moderators have full authority to decide whether a particular pack is accepted or moderated.

ABOUT REPACKS : It is generally advised to stick to the original packages distributed by authors, and to not repack without a valid and non trivial reason, such as fixing a game breaking bug, or converting the package to a single .ZIP or .RAR file which are the only formats supported by the site (split files, 7zip, etc are not supported). However repacking with minor or trivial changes such as renaming something to fit your liking should be avoided.

ABOUT NSFW MATERIAL : It is "tolerated" but post them in the dedicated 18+ categories with a [18+] tag and DO NOT embed or link to any 18+ picture (bannable offense).

ABOUT MUSIC FILES : All music files must include a youtube link or they will be deleted. Do not upload a large amount of music files (must not exceed 20% of your files), this is a MUGEN site, not a music site. Only VG or fighting related music files are allowed. Pop music, or anything outside fair use domain, is strictly forbidden.

CLOSING NOTES : Excessive violations of the upload rules may result in your upload permission being revoked. Besides keep in mind that MUGEN is a game and users are looking for playable content, so excessive upload of unplayable content may result in a warning.