1. Regular users promotions, to improve your account download capabilities and access more content:
1. Register an account and confirm your email address => promotion to group Lurkers (instantaneous promotion)
Benefits: Members of the *Lurkers* group have access to the following features among others
-you can download files as large as 100M
-access to the advanced file searching engine
-access to the full image previews

2. Participate[2] around the site (by posting on the board, uploading or commenting files) => promotion to group New Challengers (automatic promotion[1])
Benefits: Members of the *New Challengers* group have access to the following features
-further improved download capabilities (bandwidth limit doubled!)

2. VIP PROMOTIONS - Here are the ways to get promoted and gain the privileges of the VIP:
1. Upload 30 files or more => group Uploaders (automatic promotion[1])
2. Create a few characters and upload them here => group Contributors (request membership with your references)
3. Post news regularly[3] on the release news forum => group Reporters (request membership with your references)
4. DONATE => group Donors (instantaneous promotion)

Main privileges of a VIP:
-No bandwidth limit
-Access to MOVE LISTS and all ADVANCED METADATA content
-No interstitial ads[4]
-Priority support

[1]*Automatic promotions are not instantaneous, they usually take around 10 minutes and may require you to re-login (log out and login again).
[2]*Fair participation is expected, spam and low effort posts will result in a reputation penalty that will lock your rank.
[3]*Post at least 5 news before requesting, then at least 5 news every month to stay in the group.
[4]*An interstitial ad is an advertisement page placed between the download button and the actual file.