Mugen Archive Community Rules
Date of Last Revision : 2020-Sep-7

Note : those are the general community rules, upload rules can be found here.

0. Do we disclose any information to outside parties?
  • The MUGEN Archive does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any user information to any third party.

I. Basic rules
  • I.1 No offensive language, be pleasant and polite.
    Infraction = N/A
  • I.2 No "hate" dislikes.
    Your ratings are strictly meant to evaluate the quality of a particular creation.
    Do not downvote because you hate a category or a Creator/Uploader.
    Infraction = N/A

Usually, no warning or infraction will be issued for these trivial matters, but expect irregular posts to be edited or deleted without notice.

II. Small Infractions
  • II.1 Spam or advertisement is forbidden.
    Do not post any ad for any website, outside your profile homepage field and signature. You can still post links as long as the intent is not advertisement.
    Infraction = 5pts, expires after 60 days

III. Serious infractions
  • III.1 Hate speech is forbidden.
    Negative comments on any country, race, creed, religion or culture are strictly forbidden.
    Infraction = 10pts, permanent
  • III.2 Harassment is forbidden.
    Persistently disturbing a member is strictly forbidden.
    Posting private information about any user without their permission is considered harassment as well, even if done only once.
    Infraction = 10pts, permanent

IV. Severe infractions
  • IV.1 Posting p♥♥♥ography or obscenity[1] is forbidden.
    The forum is open to 13+, p♥♥♥ographic or obscene content (rated 18+) is strictly forbidden.
    Infraction = 40pts, permanent
  • IV.2 Deceptive practices are forbidden.
    Do not post links for the purpose of making money.
    Infraction = account permanent ban
  • IV.3 Account sharing is forbidden.
    Your MUGEN ARCHIVE account is strictly personal. Use it only for your personal needs. Do not share it outside your household.
    Infraction = account permanent ban (with IP ban)
  • IV.4 Using scripts is forbidden.
    Do not use any script to automatically register an account, post or download site content. All of these operations must be done manually.
    Download accelerators and bulk download managers overload the servers and impact the general user experience, so their use is strictly forbidden and will result in your site access being limited or revoked, temporarily or permanently.
    Only VIP members are allowed to use ad blocking add-ons. Our ads are not invasive and allow to provide a free service.
    Infraction = account permanent ban and depending on the severity of the offense, IP ban or IP range ban can also be issued.

  • 20pts of infractions will result in an automated 7-days ban
  • 40pts of infractions will result in an automated 3-weeks ban
  • 50pts of infractions will result in an automated move into the Moderated users group
  • 60pts of infractions will result in an automated & permanent ban

Otherwise please have fun, and enjoy the site at its fullest.

Important Note (September 2020) : In order to help our efforts against bad actors and ban evasion without implementing drastic measures such as phone verification, do not share your MUGEN ARCHIVE account outside your household, use your account only for your personal needs and do not use an open proxy to access the site. Any of these actions could get your account suspended at any time.

Not allowed ::
-Sheer clothing, strategically covered nudity
-******ly gratifying "stuff"
-****** or adult toys
-Extreme profanity