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Um cool/Amaterachu1
  1. Poor Byleth
  2. B.D. Joe is the next SEGA character I really want in Mugen but there's barely any sprites to work off of so I just compiled this super simple and...
  3. All my Skittles were really close to the green, red, and orange machine similar to the pink starbursts of Halloween. I was lucky and got a purple one!
  4. Merry
  5. Oooooo but what eef he waz in Mugen 
Comes from this https://img.fireden.net/v/image/1475/20/1475206305351.gif
  6. I figured I just continue down my Sega craze and do another character that I've been wanting to see in Mugen. やれやれだぜ
  7. Guys, I'm probably going to make the most embarassing mugen character I can as my own person.
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