Screenshots included!


1. Download a screenpack. =O


2. Unzip all the content of the .zip/.rar/.ace/.whatever compression file extension.


3. Put all the files in a new folder. Cut and paste it in 'Mugen' -> 'data' directory.


4. Right-click on Mugen.exe, go to properties.


5. Go to program -> command line, then add the following: "-r [name of the folder]".
Since the folder was renamed 'lb2', it should be "-r lb2".


6. If you do not wish to make a shortcut or you don't like this method, there is an alternative way:
open you mugen.cfg in the data directory and look for this line:

motif = data/system.def

Then replace it by:

motif = data/[name of the folder]/system.def


7. Launch Mugen, works!! =D
You can now add your favourite chars and stages in the select.def


8. This method will not work at 100%.
If so, please read the readme included in the archive.
The author may have added some extra instructions.
Check the errors report that Mugen displays. It will always help you.
And finally, don't desperate. Installing a screenpack is fucking easy.


Tutorial made by Matmut.

Feel free to host this tutorial. You can even do whatever the heck you want with it.