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    Grin I want to share custom characters!

    Hey guys, i've been on MUGENARCHIVE for a while now and I really enjoy it! However, I'm struggling to make Mugen characters to share with you guys. Can someone show/inform me on the steps of creating MUGEN characters? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    For this you'll need long tutorials because it's too complex, search in youtube about Mugen char creation tutorial and you'll find some great help.
    You can also find some small tutorials here at MA.

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    Default Re: I want to share custom characters!

    Custom chars,you meant edit if this is the case you should see some documentation.
    For example in the beggining what i did was open up some chars in fighter factory see how they worked and then see the coding for example take bra ssj,she is quite unique is not a regular char in any standard some people have said it is choujin based or has a style similar to choujin chars which is quite wrong because i made the char even before choujin released one of his dbz chars the coding was the hardest part to learn but if you are editing or making the sprites from scratch and using other char as base while changing all the sprites the best thing to learn is coding first after that you can move to sprites because it will take time,it tooked me 3 months to make the sprites of bra from scratch so it takes tons of timedpepnding on the ammount of sprites the char have.

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