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    Default Dream Video Game

    Post it now, what is your dream vidya.
    Share ideas, who knows, some people here might become game devs in the future.
    They might steal some ideas get good inspiration from here.

    I'll start:
    Wearing a long trench coat, armed with only a knife and a revolver.
    Travel a surreal meditative world on your motorcycle accompanied by a talking non-human best friend.
    Hunt, steal, craft items to sell / scam your way through your travel expenses, take side jobs.
    Find and use objects lying around as makeshift weapons if needed, craft your own customized bullets.
    Survive encounters from wild animals, giant monsters from fairy tales and mythology, and fellow humans.

    Although the world is fantastic, you are not.
    Falling from high places can kill you.
    Getting shot in the head will kill you.
    You don't have any body armor / bullet proof vest, so try not to get too injured.
    Conserve your health and resources, they will be scarce.
    You will have to learn to adapt to various environments and situations.
    Learn to plan ahead, adapt, survive.

    There are no level ups, the stats you have from the beginning will be the same as the end.
    There are no additional weapons.

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    Default Re: Dream Video Game

    Nice thread and pictures (especially the last one, reminds of an Electric Wizard's album cover) !
    Well my dream game is composed of all my favourite games. It is *hypothetically* an engine that load other engines according to situation (fighting, driving, shooting, exploring, platforming, stealth, rpg etc.) and personal preference. It's a sort of GTA, but with an open map of the entire world. It's supposed to be a realistic game, a real picture of the world with all the elements of the loaded engines: for example you can load Tekken as fighting engine, Granturismo as driving engine, Max Payne as shooting engine, Assassin's Creed as exploring engine, Tenchu as stealth engine, GTA as rpg/interaction engine... it's supposed to be a real imitation of the real world + other elements of the engines or just user's plain imagination.
    ... and of course this system is so advanced it can be only played with a nano-technological machine directly controllable during your sleep (so you can actually shape your dreams and play videogames during sleep, while working and living the real life when your awake). I mean: a perfect game comes with a perfect console and if we look at how consoles are changing, I think that a dream console would have been made of a single element can directly operates with the uman brain, something like the " DC Mini " from the anime "Paprika".
    It's an engine you can create with imagination, no controllers, pads or whatever.
    Yeah, not an original idea, but I think that my dream game would be a sort of customizable and controllable version of the Matrix (but not in the way how robots are supposed to enslave us)... and less invasive (you don't have to have a hole in the back of your head to play with it).

    Of course people would turn mad after the invention of this, so my invention would actually make the people want to sleep more than living their life, there would be mental hackers and shit like this.

    My invention would actually turn the world into chaos and there would be para-religious groups demanding for the return of older consoles like Pong. Hare Pong! ok I've been imagining too much for today.
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    Default Re: Dream Video Game

    The last painting is done by Zdzisław Beksiński, gothic surrealist polish painter.

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    Default Re: Dream Video Game

    For an original game, I'd like to create an action-RPG.

    I have a bunch of ideas for the story, but I want the primary theme of my game to be about chocie and consequence, as explored through gameplay. Specifically, I want the player to be able to progress through various class choices as they play, and for the gameplay to feel unique for each class.

    Fighters would be unstoppable killing machines, but not really good for a lot else. For a fighter character, the game would feel more like Dark Souls; a vast, hostile mythic land populated by targets and the occasional quest-giver.

    Rogues' challenges would lie in densely populated areas. As a rogue, you'd be able to parkour all over town and the wilderness, but you can't take a hit like a fighter can, so you have to find creative ways to solve your problems, either by persuasion and charm or by striking unseen from the shadows.

    Sorcerers would have a whole different set of challenges -- how one learns and uses magic would in itself be a quest. Do you emphasize on defense? Offense? Disguise and illusion? Do you focus on a single element, becoming vastly proficient in its use, or do you spread your knowledge around many elements as a jack-of-all-trades, with the knowledge that you will be a master of none?

    Priests and Paladins would be separate classes with similar plot trappings; the crux of a Paladin's story is their dilemma over faith versus practicality. Do you uphold the will of the people or of your church? Battling what you consider to be evil is easy; knowing what evil is, is not. Priests would have this same question, but phrased in terms of their role -- as healers and spiritual protectors, their faith is even more integral to their being. Do you fight corruption in the name of your deity when it festers inside your deity's own church? How deep does your faith run?

    The crux of the problem is this: every level the character takes, like in D&D, has to be given to a single class. You can be good at everything, but it'll take longer to be good at ANYTHING that way. The player would have to pick one or two classes to specialize in at first, getting the choice to branch out early, but knowing that the thinner they spread themselves, the less likely they are to be good at any one thing.

    I'd want the game to progress organically through the player's choices, weaving through these separate plot elements as your character dips in and out of classes. There wouldn't be a rigid class definition, but as you pursue different jobs, you find your story shaping itself in different ways. Online and local multiplayer would show the diversity of the choices you could make, by putting you either alongside or against other protagonists from other players.

    I'd also include a Roguelike element of permadeath in Hard mode, for people who enjoy that kind of tension.

    And of course, there would be a nearly ENDLESS selection of armor and clothing choices. Personalization would totally be the name of the game.

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