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  1. AI patches for Lemius and Lunathia by hyperhiroro

    As you can see from http://web.archive.org/web/20110831094958/http://mattari.ty.land.to/ there were AI patches by ちぃたま for these two characters, and probably had the filenames LemiusAI.lzh and...
  2. As for myself, I shall first be working on...

    As for myself, I shall first be working on downloading all content linked under the AI作ってみたシリーズ tag on Nicovideo. In the meantime, I have also been running a script to detect all videos on Nicovideo...
  3. Article: Requesting assistance: we need to archive all MUGEN data from axfc now

    You can view the page at http://mugenarchive.com/forums/content.php?54-Requesting-assistance-we-need-to-archive-all-MUGEN-data-from-axfc-now
  4. Requesting assistance: we need to archive all MUGEN data from axfc now

    Downloads that were once working on the axfc uploader have been becoming broken or corrupted left and right. I find this very worrying because if nothing is done, we risk losing a whole lot of MUGEN...
  5. Stuff that were in the former Donald uploaders

    If anyone has downloaded everything, or at least something from the following uploaders:

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    Re: Chanpuru by Souken

    I tried looking around and found it quickly on 4shared. It's "chanpuru.rar"
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    AI patches by Ken Custard

    If anyone has the patches by Ken Custard (site is http://kencustard.blog101.fc2.com/ where the patches were formerly published), it'd be great if someone can provide them.
  8. AI patches by Uma no Hone (馬の骨)

    Uma no Hone's former site is umanohone99.blog61.fc2.com

    It appears that the reason why you can no longer access their onedrive is likely due to the fact that uma no hone hasn't logged into...
  9. Re: WARNING! freett is closing down on March 31

    When I tried accessing a freett page again, it wouldn't display the page anymore, so it seems like it's really over. And oh darn, I wasn't able to save that misozi.zip from that page the person above...
  10. Re: WARNING! freett is closing down on March 31

    I can still access it as of now, so maybe it'll stay up for a few more hours.
  11. Re: WARNING! freett is closing down on March 31

    Only about 2 more hours before it becomes April 1 in Japan time! Meanwhile I've gathered these links.

  12. Re: WARNING! freett is closing down on March 31

    Note that https://web.archive.org/web/20120210213426/http://page.freett.com/zecruss/index.html has a lot of links to AIs in the bottom. It appears that most are archived, but being unsure of how up...
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    Re: Character Request

    You should use the search feature for things already on here.
  14. Re: Winnie's AI for YoungKirei&Take.K's Kongou

    This feels somewhat embarrassing, but after searching through my files again, I found that I already had Kongou with Winnie's AI downloaded from somewhere. After digging through my history, I found...
  15. Winnie's AI for YoungKirei&Take.K's Kongou

    It was posted about here:


    You can still find a link to it from the internet archive, but the file itself has unfortunately not been...
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