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    Could of sworn you did. From the name to icon. I thought you were that Touhou and MLP youtuber that is a huge fan of Megabrony's creations.
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    Hey, how's it going? Oh btw, do you happen to have a YT channel?
  3. Witch of Miracles
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playing video games,listening music
I'm a student,of course
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bernkastel by baggy(no one touch me!XD)


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Ougon_Musou_Kyoku-EntranceN : 21st June 2016 21
Magical Sakuya : 22nd June 2016 39
Kedama : I know this character has 1 attack and no hypers but it is so cute!!Cuteness is everything :cat_nham: OK 22nd June 2016 17
Shedinja : Tip Notes= -If you want use different skill you must hold taunt button fill your aria. -After you use Hyper Beam Shedinja be rest! 22nd June 2016 43
Yuyuko&Youmu : Tip Notes= -Only Yuyuko can take damage and move. -You can use youmu for close fight and you can use yuyuko for shooting :smile: 22nd June 2016 17
Gengetsu : Gengetsu is the second Extra Stage boss of Lotus Land Story and an inhabitant of the mysterious dream world. She's the older sister of Mugetsu.Gengetsu has yellow eyes, medium-length yellow hair, a red bow in her hair, wears a pink and white dress and a r ... 22nd June 2016 57
Sunny Milk : Sunny Milk is the leader of the Three Fairies of Light composed of her, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire. She is a fairy who currently lives in a tree close to the Hakurei Shrine with her two partners.Sunny first appeared in the manga Touhou Sangetsusei's fi ... 22nd June 2016 51
Burstman Stage : 23rd June 2016 22
Yo!Noid : 23rd June 2016 14
Wily Fortress Warehouse : This stage a Mega Man 1 stage! 23rd June 2016 19
TopMan Stage : 23rd June 2016 30
Yukari's Dimension : Big Yukari watching you! :laugh: 23rd June 2016 49
Watatsuki no Toyohime : Watatsuki no Toyohime is a Lunarian princess who along with her sister Watatsuki no Yorihime is in charge of the Lunarian Defense Corps.Toyohime is Yorihime's older sister and one of the Lunarian princesses. She used to be Eirin Yagokoro's pupil. Though s ... 23rd June 2016 29
Watatsuki no Yorihime : SORRY :sdrop: :facepalm2: :confused: 23rd June 2016 29
Rei'sen : Rei'sen is a lunar rabbit from the Touhou Bougetsushou series. 23rd June 2016 19
Ran Yakumo : 23rd June 2016 51
Lunasa Prismriver : 23rd June 2016 18
Konngara : 24th June 2016 38
Kikuri : Kikuri is a large bronze disc with an image of a girl engraved into it that Reimu Hakurei meets and must defeat, in which she's the Stage 15 boss on the Hell route of Highly Responsive to Prayers. However, since she has no profile and exchanges no dialogu ... 24th June 2016 43
Mugetsu : Mugetsu is the first Extra Stage boss of Lotus Land Story and possibly the creator of a mysterious dream world. She appears to be dressed as a maid of some sort, but according to the music comments of her theme "Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic" in Lotu ... 24th June 2016 40
Shanghai Doll : The Shanghai Doll or Shanghai (上海) for short, is Alice Margatroid's doll. She is the only doll that Alice is known to have a name for.Generally "Shanghai" refers to the doll Alice is always accompanied with. However the relationship between ... 24th June 2016 26
Wriggle Nightbug : Wriggle Nightbug is a firefly with the ability to control other insects. She likes using her ability to direct concerted performances for her own amusement, as well as to attack humans who underestimate her significance or the importance of insects in gen ... 24th June 2016 43
Mystia Lleorei : Mystia Lleorei is a night sparrow with an outgoing egocentric personality, at least she sounds arrogant, that enjoys infusing confusion and terror into the hearts of humans using her ability: a song that creates confusion in those who hear her. Her song s ... 24th June 2016 45
Kasen Ibaraki : Kasen Ibaraki and Kasen is a mysterious self-proclaimed hermit living in the mountains. Possessing an artificial arm and various abilities, she can often be seen dispensing knowledge to Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sanae Kochiya. She's the protagon ... 25th June 2016 76
Medicine Melancholy : Medicine Melancholy is a young doll youkai that lives on Nameless Hill surrounded by poisonous lily-of-the-valley flowers. Medicine first appearance in Phantasmagoria of Flower View as a possible opponent. She was then later shown as a target on Stage ... 25th June 2016 59
Tewi Inaba : Tewi Inaba is the leader of the many youkai rabbits that live at and guard Eientei. She is also considered to be the leader of all the earth rabbits; it's said that there is not a single youkai rabbit unknown to her, and that all of them will only ever li ... 25th June 2016 76
Eirin Yagokoro : Eirin Yagokoro is a medical genius from the Moon, able to create even the Hourai Elixir with the help of Kaguya's power, the manipulation of eternity. She is living in exile in Gensokyo after choosing to stay with and devote herself to Kaguya Houraisan on ... 26th June 2016 26
Kanako Yasaka : Kanako Yasaka is the current goddess of the Moriya Shrine after defeating its previous resident goddess Suwako Moriya in the Great Suwa War. She desires to collect large amounts of faith, but since the humans of the Outside World no longer place much impo ... 26th June 2016 48
Bernkastel : "Did you know? They say that in chess, the player who moves first is twice as likely to win?" — Bernkastel Bernkastel is an extremely powerful witch that has lived a thousand years. It is said that she lives in a world where concepts like fate and possi ... 27th June 2016 172
Chiester 410 : Chiester 410 is a weapon in contract with Beatrice. 410 is a kid whose personality tends to cause her to speak arrogantly. She has a hobby of laughing at people who are serious or not relaxed, which is why she likes Chiester 45 and Lucifer. She speaks ... 27th June 2016 80
Prometheus : "It seems that the Biometal has attracted a bug. Shoo, pest." ―Prometheus to Ashe before he attacks, Mega Man ZX Advent Prometheus was a mysterious character from Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent. He and his sister Pandora are servants of Model ... 29th June 2016 168
Rainy Bus Stop : This is a stage from Touhou.Cirno is wait rain to end. 30th June 2016 59
Sanae Kochiya : 30th June 2016 27
Scarlet Agony : Woow is Remilia Scarlet all day sit on that throne and drink blood tea? This stage is so red. 30th June 2016 32
Youkai Mountain GBC Style : 1st July 2016 9
Touhou Casino Night XD : Everyone from Touhou game is here XD. 1st July 2016 43
Scarlet Clock Tower(Lunar) : Why there is a lot of Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower stages in MUGEN game.Oh that isn't final music of One Minute Melee Sakuya vs. Brando!! 1st July 2016 67
Hakurei Shrine (Night) : This stage from Higurashi vs. Touhou fighting fangame.Scary bones. 1st July 2016 29
Koumakan Throne : This stage from Higurashi vs. Touhou fighting fan game!Is this Remilia's throne. 1st July 2016 40
Komukan Coridor : 1st July 2016 26
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