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  1. I resolved...thanks!! :)
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    Your link is dead.
  3. ok but I have not done it on purpose, I just posted the picture at the same time you did it yourself , really sorry !
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    Hello, alot of the stages you are uploading are already here. please search the name before uploading so there aren't any duplicates.
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Sagat KOF : The Muay Thai king return with new solid character with new combo and six colors palettes; also intro and ending storyboard! 23rd March 2016 68
Hwa Jai : Hwa Jai KOF style with six color palettes and new hyper! Very good char for you mugen collection! 23rd March 2016 185
Hwa Jai : Another version of this char; originally from Fatal Fury, he was a Muay Thai champion until Joe Higashi defeated him. Seeking to recover his title, he starts working under Geese Howard. He was beaten by Krauser, I guess this guy is just out of luck. In Ko ... 23rd March 2016 67
Dee Jay HD : Char version of this jamaican kickboxer in HD from Super Street Fighter 2! Good moves and hyper! 23rd March 2016 247
Joe Higashi : Another version of Joe, the young japanese Muay Thai champion with new hypers and moves in CVS style! 12 color palettes; great char for you mugen collection! 23rd March 2016 70
Mr.Big[E-Fry] : Another version of the master of Escrima and Australian sub boss of Art of Fighting; 12 palettes colors and Included AI! 23rd March 2016 43
Franco Bash : Franco Bash is from Fatal Fury 3. Franco is a former super heavy kickboxing champion who was undefeated during his fighting career. He presumably retired to raise a family and became an airplane mechanic at South Town Airport to continue supporting them. ... 24th March 2016 49
Air Force Base Night : Street Fighter remake of Guile Stage on night with rain! Great stage!!! 24th March 2016 33
Raining In The District Street : Remake of Chun-Li stage of night with rain! 24th March 2016 43
Sea : Awesome stage from Ninjas Master's! Thanks Chok for this edit ;) 24th March 2016 26
Houoh -night- : Version Night of Houoh stage fro Ninjas Master's! 24th March 2016 25
MT-nakaraj : From Zion, an original stage with Thailand land!! 25th March 2016 17
Red Chang (Chang the Red Aqueous) : Another version of Chang more stronger included AI!! 25th March 2016 118
Inferno_Mk2 : Inferno char in human ninja version in MK2 Style!! 25th March 2016 52
Tremor_mk2 : Tremor in Mk2 style version!!! 25th March 2016 45
Mickey (CVS/POTS) : Another strong version of Mickey of AOF with more combos and hyper!! 26th March 2016 105
Balrog SVC (boxer) : Edit of Balrog in KOF STYLE with new combos 26th March 2016 63
Richard Meyer : The master of Capoeira in KOF style! 26th March 2016 180
Kof94 Screenpack HR Patch : Kof94 screenpack Hr patch with 138 slots select!!! 26th March 2016 119
SFZ 3 Screenpack extended version : Street Fighter Zero 3 By Hatabow (Extended version,640x480) mugen 1.0 26th March 2016 361
Condor : Condor version char more stronger!!!! ;) 26th March 2016 83
Chicago Ring : Top Ranking Stars stage (Chicago Ring) for mugen version: 1.0 29th March 2016 20
Los Angeles Ring : Los Angeles stage ring from Top Ranking Stars game for mugen version: 1.0 29th March 2016 22
New York ring : New York ring stages from game Top Ranking stars for mugen version: 1.0 29th March 2016 17
Louisiana Ring : Louisiana ring stage from Top Ranking Stars game for mugen version: 1.0 29th March 2016 15
San Francisco Ring : San Francisco ring stage from game Top Ranking Stars for mugen 1.0 29th March 2016 17
Ring stage : Ring stage by Chok from Aggressors Of Dark Kombat 29th March 2016 23
SVC Ultimate Screenpack v2.0 : One of the best screenpack for you mugen collection!! 30th March 2016 104
Hwa Jai : Hwa Jai from first Fatal Fury game for mugen 1.0. 31st March 2016 46
Hwa Jai FF1 : Another version of ex Muay Thai champion Hwa Jai from first Fatal Fury!! 31st March 2016 44
H2O Portal : Version of the famous portal of MK with rain! 31st March 2016 30
Misterious Portal : Original version of Mk stage with a misterious portal! 31st March 2016 27
Ice the pit : The pit with ice!! 31st March 2016 14
Tropical Desert : Tropical Desert stage Mk! 1st April 2016 16
Another Wasteland : Another version of MK Wasteland stage 1st April 2016 16
Blue portal extreme : Blue portal extreme version of famous MK portal 1st April 2016 21
Chaosrealm : Chaosrealm two version stages from MK 1st April 2016 24
Deadpool Entrance : Fantastic version of Deadpool legendary Mk stage! 1st April 2016 32
Edenia : The land of Kitana, Jade and Rain! Edenia stage from MK! 1st April 2016 22
Armory HR : The Armory MK stage in High - Res! 1st April 2016 50
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