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    You are welcome! but I didn't give you only thumbs up hehehe... some thumbs down, but not your fault. Thanks for all MvC chars
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Down lost chars
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My PC doesn't have memory, has a vague remembrance.
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Windows 95 SE
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File Date Downloads
Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta : Most updated Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta from Darkstalkers by Baby Bonnie Hood. 25th January 2016 412
Heidern : A version of Heidern by Tatsu with a very best set of moves. 26th January 2016 209
Kaname Ameri : A special char with impressive technics. 27th January 2016 98
Shin Kaname : Shin version of Kaname Ameri char. 28th January 2016 41
Awakened Kaede (ToSix) : Last Blade Awakened Kaede with 6 buttons arrange and MVC game play. 29th January 2016 87
Geese KOFRB : Very rare character to be found. Combines KOF and Real Bout features. By Vans 31st January 2016 158
Samurai Shodown 2 Genjuro Stage : A rare and beautiful stage, like Genjuro technics, also based in Hanafuda Cards. 1st February 2016 73
Ukyo Tachibana : An extremely rare char to be found on internet with an incredible set of moves. 1st February 2016 313
John Crawley : John Crawley from the game Art of Fighting in KOFXI arrange. 3rd February 2016 316
Clara Hananokoji PIM : Clara Hananokoji from Power Instinct Matrimelee by David Demianoff. 5th February 2016 111
Karin Kanzuki MX : Special edit with grooves and dizzy and block bars. 6th February 2016 96
Karin : Karin Kanzuki in MVC arrange. 7th February 2016 97
Karin : An unconventional Karin from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero with EX moves. 7th February 2016 261
Karin : Karin Kanzuki with the help (and hypers) of Blodia, the mecha/bot of Jin Saotome from Cyberbots and Marvel vs Capcom. 7th February 2016 59
Infinite Guy : Guy from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero with an incredible collection of hypers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFXno52IMlY 8th February 2016 117
R.Mika : Genuine R.Mika from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero. 10th February 2016 794
Infinite R.Mika : R.Mika from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero with an incredible collection of hypers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa-0TgXoEck 10th February 2016 304
Rainbow Mika MX : Special edit with grooves and dizzy and block bars. 10th February 2016 147
Adon MX : Special edit with grooves and dizzy and block bars. 14th February 2016 77
Strider Hiryu (4 Buttons) : A 4 buttons Strider Hiryu, from MVC. 16th February 2016 29
Strider Hiryu (New Stand Stance) : Strider Hiryu with new stand stance from MVC. 16th February 2016 105
Strider Hiryu (MVC) : Genuine Strider Hiryu from Marvel versus Capcom: The Clash of Super Heroes game. 16th February 2016 161
Infinite Strider Hiryu : Strider Hiryu from MVC with an incredible collection of hypers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV6MeYNSwyE ================================================================== Moves ================================================================== S ... 16th February 2016 153
Strider Hiryu : Curious Strider Hiryu for char collectors. 16th February 2016 62
Strider Hiryu (Incomplete) : A not yet built char just for collector's purpose. 16th February 2016 32
Strider Hiryu (With Dizzy Bar) : Strider Hiryu from MVC with dizzy bar. 16th February 2016 75
Strider Hiryu (MVC2) : Strider Hiryu with MVC2 gameplay. 16th February 2016 84
Nekkyou Strider Hiryu : Strider Hiryu with help of his Cyber Tiger. 16th February 2016 117
Strider Hiryu (Original MVC2) : A more trustworthy version of Strider Hiryu from MVC2 game. 16th February 2016 264
Strider Hiryu (CVS) : Strider Hiryu in Capcom vs SNK style include EX moves. =====<Features>===== - All the essential stuff - Details and moves taken from his various video game appearances - Gameplay mixed from several games, including MVC and MVC2 =====<Moveli ... 16th February 2016 319
Strider Hiryu (Remake) : Strider Hiryu with a new arrange of moves and attacks. 16th February 2016 109
Megaman (MVC) : Megaman from the game Marvel x Capcom. 18th February 2016 143
Megaman (MVC2) : Megaman from the game Marvel versus Capcom 2. 18th February 2016 197
Megaman (Full Power) : A MVC styled Megaman with a multitude of weapons he acquires in different games from his adventure series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdALsAgA5To https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U38Yu3Kv2A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1brL_BijfNs ... 18th February 2016 124
Megaman (Chaotic) : Megaman MVC with new set of moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oTbj_klpkE 18th February 2016 87
Megaman (DCL) : Improved MVC style Megaman. What's in this character? Everything I could add from MvC1 and MvC2...literally I did my best to ensure all his attacks, weapons, projectiles, specials, basically EVERYTHING works as close to the original source. The ... 19th February 2016 143
Megaman (EOH) : Megaman from MVC - Eternity of Heroes by DarkCipherLucius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q815IegavZY He had to come and ready to defeat and absorb his enemies' abilities. Megaman or Rockman in Japanese comes to the aid for my first EoH Megaman ... 19th February 2016 136
Megaman (DG) : Best MVC Megaman char ever. With great fidelity with original char and more addition of robot strike helpers and more interaction with his mascot Rush. Now Megaman can use Rush as coil, flying jet or fuse with him to fight in a new style. Recommended. ... 19th February 2016 373
Balrog/Vega MX : Special edit with grooves and dizzy and block bars. 20th February 2016 77
Birdie MX : Special edit with grooves and dizzy and block bars. 20th February 2016 110
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