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    I'd also like to know the possibility of earning my way back into new challenger.

    However, by any chance this punishment could be lifted, I'd be grateful and I'll be sure not to make the same mistake twice.
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    Hello Dizzy. I logged into this website this morning and saw that my rank has been locked into "betrayer" This confused me so I asked around in the forums and one of the support staff members told me that there was a possibility that I made a comment some users disliked my comment. He also recommended that I message you for more information on my situation. As a new member, I'd like to see what I did wrong to earn this.
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    Oh, cool. Thanks for telling me.
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    Sorry to bother you, but I'm in need of your help, at least to understand what's going on. Since the beginning of this month my ip is blocked to assess the site, you know what is happening? I want to ask you to ask someone else at adm maybe Justice if it was something I did wrong or if people from my country can not really participate in this community, thank you for what you can do for me, I really like the community and I was Preparing works to share with the community.
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    I'm back Dizzy, what is your request my dear?
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    Dizzy sorry but can that wait a ,moment i'm meeting my girl outside and im walking with my dog towards here at the supermarket, i have my coat on, really sorry i'm back shortly ok? Bey Anthimus
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    *hug of hype!*
    I will try my best to review ^^
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    Well, you maybe already know but I did an other review, it work?
  9. Hello. im just going to ask you if its possible for you to delete my account as I no longer use Mugen.
    I hope you can understand Thank You.
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    Okay then. I have an idea of review. I will post it when I got some free time.
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    No prob. Leave it to me ;D
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    Dizzy, I've posted four reviews in two years. Three of those have been in the last two months.

    Check the review page again to see them.

    Actually, don't worry about it. I was only trying to assist the site, but now I've changed my mind. Ignore the request.
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    Actually I have post the comment of what I comment.
    Here is one I have comment. http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downl...=file&id=37370 It's the first comment. Hope than that count
    Have a good day
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    Good day Dizzy,

    Thank you for all the information, i'm reading the upload rules rite now.
    I can understand that a server might have problems with all the issue's that,
    comes with packs.
    And somehow its also better to not have bulk data on the server for many reasons,
    like the examples you have given. Cheers and hopefully no more foolish action from me hehe.

    Bey bey ;)
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    You are going to make a backup, right? In case anything goes wrong...
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