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    Thanks a lot for that. = )
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    The February 26 version is the latest.
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    That'd be perfectly fine with me. =)
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    Sure. Go ahead and delete the outdated versions.
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    do you have the xmen animes 90 screenpack i need it
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    Added the capcom and snk subs you requested. Moved some screenpacks down there, I've probably missed a lot though.
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    Hi Left, can we have a talk in the staff chat room?
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    thanks my friend you the best sorry accept my apologize
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    sir do you mean i cant upload any files if they looks like other help me how can i uplode in legal on this site brother
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    Edited, sorry i was sounding like a cranky housewife :P, just pitty and hopefully in the future, its allowed,
    then ill have a few tons of packs to post lol


  13. Mano eu altero o uploader e boto tu ;D
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    Por alguma raz
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    Vlw cara, vou cuidar para isso n
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Mugen 1.1
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POTS-ish gameplay
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EXShadow's stages and Cenobite's stages
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Sheng Long CvS : It's a spriteswap for Goh-un from Ahuron. But still very nice to play. I think these sprites suit him better :D 3rd March 2016 265
Pocket Ken CvS : Even looking a bit beta he is really solid. Has many supers and has no bugs. Couldn't find other versions of him. 3rd March 2016 33
Lucario XIII : Lucario with Kof XIII gameplay and system. Preety good character. 5 specials and 5 supers. 3rd March 2016 335
Saizo Hattori PI1 : Great version of Saizo from Power Instinct 7th March 2016 63
Annie Hamilton PI2 : Preety solid, dont know much about this character. She's from Power Instinct 7th March 2016 64
Chris : Chris with custom gameplay. Has some moves from normal version and some moves from orochi version. 7th March 2016 107
Chun-li : SFA chun-li. Very accurate. 7th March 2016 171
Juli & Juni : Has the other shadowloo doll as a partner controlled by AI. Good character for mid-boss fights. 7th March 2016 379
Neo King : King with KOF gameplay and some custom effects. 7th March 2016 106
Yuri Sakazaki (AOF+KOF) : Has 2 sets of moves to choose at the start of the match. One is based on KOF and the other one on AOF) 7th March 2016 121
Sailor Neptune : Good character version of Sailor Neptune from the anime Sailor Moon. Not sure if it's custom gameplay but it has some nice moves. 7th March 2016 110
Another Ramon : Not sure what is custom on him. 8th March 2016 63
Nakoruru : Custom nakoruru with Darkstalkers effects. Has Rimururu and Bishamon as "stands" or "strikers". There is no mention of author in the .def and there is no readme. If you made this please let me know. 8th March 2016 77
Rimururu ILR Ver. : Custom Rimururu with new moves and Yuki from Last Blade as assist. 8th March 2016 82
1st Nakoruru : Has no special moves, just the basics. For collection purposes only. 8th March 2016 45
Ralf Jones '00 : Accurate Ralf from KoF 2000. 8th March 2016 127
Stinko Man - 20X6 : Not sure what is this. Has just a few special moves. 8th March 2016 44
Yuri Sakazaki '94 : Nice conversion of Yuri from King of Fighters 94 8th March 2016 45
Rugal Bernstein '94 : Ali's version of Rugal from King of Fighters 94. Better for boss, does an incredible high amount of damage. 8th March 2016 66
O_Vice 98 : Also known as Orochi Vice. Just Vice with custom moves and effects. 8th March 2016 56
Kyo-O : Also known as Boss Kyo. Very cheap. Lots of damage. 8th March 2016 68
Masked Rider 555 : Few moves, bad sprites. For collection purposes. 8th March 2016 37
Eiji Kisaragi '02 : Ahuron's version of Eiji Kisaragi from King of Fighters 2002 8th March 2016 90
Griffon '03 : Ahuron's version of Griffon from The King of Fighters 2003 8th March 2016 189
Billy Kane '03 : Ahuron's version of Billy from The King of Fighters 2003 8th March 2016 84
Terry Bogard '03 : Ahuron's version of Terry Bogard from The King of Fighters 2003 8th March 2016 65
Kyo Kusanagi : Kyo Kusnagi with KoF 2003 gameplay. 8th March 2016 75
Another Kyo : Kyo Kusanagi with his 2003 outfit and custom gameplay. 8th March 2016 65
Androide Rugal : Another cheap edit of Omega Rugal. 8th March 2016 102
Ranma + : If you wanted a great Ranma character for mugen, look no more! Amazing moves and effects. Enjoy! 8th March 2016 75
Ermac : An AMAZING edit of Ermac. Has many new moves and great gameplay. I recommend! 8th March 2016 74
Kasugano : Another amazing edit by this creator. Many new moves and cool effects. 8th March 2016 89
Sub-Zero : Edit with some nice effects by Pneophen. 8th March 2016 76
Sean SFA : SFA adaptation of the character Sean Matsuda from SF 3 8th March 2016 68
Abubo Rao : Abubo Rao from ROTD with custom gameplay. 6 buttons and some new moves. 8th March 2016 159
Cloud - Advent Children : Very bad character. For collection purposes. 8th March 2016 66
Ace EX : Looks like and unfinished edit of Ryu with lightning based powers. Nice concept. 8th March 2016 93
Adelheid Bernstein '03 : Nice version of Adel. I remember he was the official Adel in my mugen KoF. 8th March 2016 123
Redl Bernstein : Moves weird in some moves. Has Rugal as a partner. 8th March 2016 40
Adelheid Bernstein 3 Grooves : It's a beta at 70%. Has some new effects, like CVS2 reppuken. 8th March 2016 60
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