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    You made a 18+ old granny?

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Twisted Misery. They always ask why.....it's the best part.

"My work ask questions, it never has answers"- Khada Jhin, the Virtuoso



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[nsfw] Otane : She's from power instinct. I just wanted to add her some questionable edits. As a elderly woman, which is rarely seen in the mugen hentai, I want people to find it repulsive and attractive at the same time....lol It's my first character edited and upload ... 29th September 2016 256
[nsfw] Platinum : Hi guys, how did you like [nsfw] Otane? ahaha. Ahem, anyways. MY favorite character form BlazeBlue is Platinum. I haven't seen any edit's floating around mugen hentai, so i decided to make my own and show others. It's still work in progress and took m ... 1st October 2016 2,842
[nsfw] Litchi Faye-Ling : Ok, So Someone asked for a litchi edits so I did it. Compatible with hentai chars. But I and still stuck on how to gie the animations sound....someone help? 4th October 2016 1,773
[nsfw] Nudity Bridget : So I was looking at bridget's animations and felt he should lose the shorts.....i made some edits i hope some people will like the shortless Bridget better Update: I changed a certain positions sprites. I think you lot my like it 14th October 2016 1,023
[nsfw] Samara Ella X : I decided to give her some meaningful animations versus the ones she previously had. The oringinal only had a hole in the dress. I changed that. She's compatible with most like morrigan. Check it out. 24th October 2016 875
[nsfw] Elastic Girl X : I made her compatible with Kuro and Morrigan. Gave her decent amount of animations. Enjoy! 26th October 2016 851
[nsfw] LopunnyX(Vore) : A certain someone requested to give the pokemon some animations. Since it is a pokemon, i wasnt very sure what to give her, but i pulled through. Morrigan and Kuro comp. Enjoy 4th December 2016 699
[nsfw] Felia : The girl from Skullgirls. I never used her in the game instead i used pinwheel. But, i wanted some one from skullgirls because i love the artwork. Gave her compatible animations. Kuro and Morrigan. Enjoy 5th December 2016 1,605
[nsfw] EcocoX : My darkness reaches Ecoco......enjoy. Kuro/Morrgian comp 7th December 2016 591
[nsfw] DQ5 SonX : Hello. I found this guy with little to no animations....I fixed that. Minotaur/ Kuro/ Morrigan comp. 18th December 2016 274
[nsfw] DQ5 SonXx : So, I got bored and decided to be creative....... New animations Also..he has a rape move. To be used against male characters(recommended) He also has animations comp with murakami mob. To do the rape moves it's simply forward-down or down-forward. H ... 26th January 2017 581
[nsfw] Ail : WIP. He still needs more animations. But I did add 3 so far. Comp with most. Again, wip. 2nd February 2017 170
[nsfw] Poison MvcX : Hello, been a while before i released anything. This version of poison is one i decided to edit. For the moment it's compatible with Donghwan's raper moves and has animations for them. It's still a work in progress. I plan on making poison compatible wit ... 2nd March 2017 997
[nsfw] Monako Ogura : A lori char compatible with Donghwan raper. I felt the edits were meh, given it's not so good sprite quality. But i did not want to keep too many chars on the shelf and not release them.....i have a lot Enjoy -SpectatorX 5th March 2017 527
[nsfw] Kumi : Another char, compatible with donghwan. I also fell uninterested with her so I stop making sprites for her. But she has some for Donghwan... Enjoy -SpectatorX 5th March 2017 701
[nsfw] Shiina Yuya : Hello. This is a work in progress but I want to show what i have so far. She has bj, doggy and upside down position so far for Kuromaru and Donghwan. Still WIP I will add more animtations later. Enjoy Update: Added animations for kuro and morrigan 14th March 2017 514
[nsfw] Madiesha : Hello. I liked this character. So I made some animations for Kim dong hwan and morrigan to be compatiable. I think you mike like. :grin: Enjoy. 22nd March 2017 247
[Nsfw] WS IoriX : This version has been given sprites for future moves. For a certain somebody. Today 8