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Froz's Urien Bill Rogers Voice Pack Froz's Urien Bill Rogers Voice Pack (Froz) : I've always loved Urien, ever since his first appearance in SF3:SI, and enjoy that version's gameplay much more than the version from Street Fighter V; but I find Bill Rogers' portrayal in SFV to be... ... [more] (3.41 MB) Yesterday 326 / 7 1
SeanAlty's Sub-Zero MKX voice patch SeanAlty's Sub-Zero MKX voice patch (SeanAlty) : Here's a new voice patch for SeanAlty's Sub-Zero with the voice from Mortal Kombat X, done by the legendary Steve Blum. Comes with both sound and file to put the voice at it's full disposal. ... (5.17 MB) 11th January 2017 55 / 8 0
Scorpion MK9/MKX voice patch Scorpion MK9/MKX voice patch (SeanAlty) : This patch puts the new voice for SeanAlty's Scorpion at it's full disposal. Be sure you get the new sound file I posted --> http://mugenarchive.com/f orums/downloads.php?do=fi le&id=45061 (16.4 KB) 11th January 2017 64 / 5 0
SeanAlty's Scorpion MK9/MKX voice SeanAlty's Scorpion MK9/MKX voice (SeanAlty) : Want to hear Scorpion's sexy current voice, done by the almighty Patrick Seitz? Look no further! I recommend getting this file too to put the voices at it's full disposal -->... (7.17 MB) 11th January 2017 89 / 5 0
UMVC3 Firebrand Voice UMVC3 Firebrand Voice (TheShadowJester99) : It's been a while since I last uploaded something, so here's a treat for you all: An Ultimate Marvel V.S Capcom 3 Firebrand voice pack. All sound clips that had the default voice were replaced with... ... [more] (3.53 MB) 9th December 2016 158 / 10 3
Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2 Nocturne In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2 (Frederic Chopin) : Classic music. Enjoy (3.80 MB) 20th November 2016 184 / 4 0
UNDERTALE OST Amalgam UNDERTALE OST Amalgam (Toby Fox) : https://youtu.be/71u0i6J- Qes (2.47 MB) 17th November 2016 105 / 7 2
Sonic 2 HD Emerald Hill theme Sonic 2 HD Emerald Hill theme (People who did the...) : Emerald Hill from Sonic 2 HD. https://youtu.be/UTN FUXj3_9s (1.41 MB) 17th November 2016 88 / 1 1
Insane Soundpack for Mr Shihan Insane Soundpack for Mr Shihan (Rhino 'N Chips) : https://youtu.be/hmLzCkNJ -ZQ (45.53 MB) 16th November 2016 85 / 6 0
Scrap Brain Zone theme Scrap Brain Zone theme (SEGA) : Scrap Brain Zone jasjjsnjsbd https://m.yo utube.com/watch?v=NoVY7nv cel0 (3.88 MB) 16th November 2016 62 / 2 0
The True DeltaMAX Remix The True DeltaMAX Remix (Original:DM Ashura,...) : This is a version of DeltaMAX that unfortunately does NOT loop. It is a remix of the original and is essentially a mash up of multiple songs. Sort of like a Youtube Poop song if you will. Maybe a... (1.94 MB) 9th November 2016 79 / 1 0
Strider Hiryu in english Strider Hiryu in english (NEON 7) :  (9.12 MB) 5th November 2016 96 / 6 1
Fei-Long English Sound Fei-Long English Sound (ReixSeiryu) :  (5.18 MB) 4th November 2016 103 / 5 0
UNDERTALE OST The Ruins UNDERTALE OST The Ruins (Toby Fox) : The song that fills you with DETERMINATION! This is that song with the piano, yeh the one with that instrument called The Ruins kwkwdjkfjjejsd here's what yee be downloading ladddjajsjjjdnsnbbdbf ht... (2.52 MB) 3rd November 2016 128 / 4 0
Sonic 2 Death Egg Boss Battle Sonic 2 Death Egg Boss Battle (SEGA) : This us just an MP3 of the boss battle music vs the Death Egg from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 video game for the SEGA Genisis. Nothing else. Here's the music you might download... https://m.youtube.com/wat... (871.0 KB) 3rd November 2016 106 / 8 0
Diabolik English voice patch Diabolik English voice patch (DukeNukem 2417) : An English voice patch for BruceWayne74's Diabolik. Replaces the Italian voice of the character in the .SND file with my own custom English voice, translated (or redone entirely) as best as I... (5.76 MB) 2nd November 2016 150 / 6 3
Alternate Sachiel Voice Pack Alternate Sachiel Voice Pack (_Data_Drain_) : https://youtu.be/csEeHTR6 MVQ (2.45 MB) 30th October 2016 84 / 2 1
Colonel Sanders on Dee Bee Kaw Colonel Sanders on Dee Bee Kaw (mugenfan3) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=kZ7Yxx4Fjb0 (19.03 MB) 12th October 2016 312 / 11 0
School Boy sound for Sponge Bob School Boy sound for Sponge Bob : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=z3LdYj_r7_s well shit (5.56 MB) 6th October 2016 141 / 2 1
Jigglypuff Sounds File Jigglypuff Sounds File (Nintendo) : If You Making A Jigglypuff Character Use These Sounds Enjoy :smile: (20.55 MB) 28th September 2016 148 / 0 2
SSF4 Ryu & Evil Ryu English voice SSF4 Ryu & Evil Ryu English voice (OliverTEENAGER13) : This soundpack is only used for this character: http://mugenarchive.com/f orums/downloads.php?do=fi le&id=10793 There' s just one voice (or more) part that hasn't been changed. https://www.y... (16.48 MB) 23rd September 2016 312 / 12 2
Mugen Green Goblin Voice Acting Aud Mugen Green Goblin Voice Acting Aud (Empawk) : This is open source as long as the pitch remains unchanged. You may clean up the microphone sounds if you want to edit the files for Mugen. These voice acting sound files may only be used for... (2.70 MB) 18th September 2016 137 / 3 0
Freeza Snd Patch Freeza Snd Patch (UFOGaming) : This is an alpha of the new Frieza Z2 voice which replace his the fan English dub voice to Chris Ayres English dub voice. This will only work for the Frieza Z2 MAJIN build of his character. Also... ... [more] (41.73 MB) 10th September 2016 248 / 10 0
MANUTE Japanese patch MANUTE Japanese patch (Rei) : Voice patch for Manute by Rei&elm (8.05 MB) 1st September 2016 129 / 1 0
Ruiyabi/The_None Common Ruiyabi/The_None Common (Ruiyabi) : We made is a MUGEN Common sound pack, also because you to the_none funny moment! Common edit by Ruiyabi Website: http://www.justnopoint.co m/lbends/ (3.45 MB) 27th August 2016 268 / 13 0
Dooby Dummy Silly Soundpack Dooby Dummy Silly Soundpack (Saltriel Dreemur) : Character by most_mysterious. (4.84 MB) 24th August 2016 155 / 8 0
Jotaro's ASB Voice Patch Jotaro's ASB Voice Patch (Enderwire (Edited...) : This is Enderwire's ASB voice patch for Warusaki3's Jotaro. I also added a little surprise inside for those who don't already have the voice mod. (5.61 MB) 15th August 2016 734 / 109 1
Shadow DIO's ASB voice patch Shadow DIO's ASB voice patch (Enderwire, edited...) : I tried making an ASB voice patch for Warusaki3's Shadow DIO. I did not replace the WRYYY only bacause I liked it so much. I used Enderwire's DIO ASB voice patch as a base, so that means he is the... ... [more] (4.52 MB) 15th August 2016 323 / 56 2
MOGOLOVONIO (MP3 FILE OF THE SONG) MOGOLOVONIO (MP3 FILE OF THE SONG) (Sir. Pelo.) : So,ya wanted a good song to play on your stages? hehehheh enjoy (4.16 MB) 14th August 2016 252 / 8 0
Finish DBFC Finish DBFC (DBFC Ignition) : A theme from DBFC Ignition. Use for finishing moves. (4.35 MB) 13th August 2016 150 / 3 0
FinishEX FinishEX (Snowwolf) : A theme for final moves for ex characters. (11.80 MB) 13th August 2016 98 / 0 0
Ange Finish Sound Ange Finish Sound (YU-TARU) : What is this finisher move sound called? Character:Ange (914.1 KB) 13th August 2016 225 / 13 0
Bloody Stream (Instrumental) Bloody Stream (Instrumental) (Coda) : This is the opening instrumental from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. (3.98 MB) 12th August 2016 226 / 25 1
Death Battle K.O Announcer Death Battle K.O Announcer (Screwattack (Sound...) : Screwattack's Death Battle slowly makes it's way into M.U.G.E.N, starting with the announcer himself. This MP3 file has the announcer saying "K.O!" whenever a character has won a Death Battle. Feel... ... [more] (14.2 KB) 12th August 2016 335 / 49 2
Death Battle Fight Announcer Death Battle Fight Announcer (Screwattack (Sound...) : Screwattack's Death Battle slowly makes it's way into M.U.G.E.N, starting with the announcer himself. Here's an MP3 file of when the announcer says "Fight!" to start a Death Battle. Use it as your... ... [more] (54.3 KB) 12th August 2016 406 / 64 3
Oingo Boingo Credits Theme Oingo Boingo Credits Theme (Makoto Yasumura) : This is the credits theme from the episode in Stardust Crusaders when Oingo and Boingo first appeared. (3.65 MB) 10th August 2016 192 / 11 2
English Soundpack for Leela *FIXED* English Soundpack for Leela *FIXED* (old_gus) : snd file for Warner's Leela. Most of the sound effects are the same, but it's now in English. Replace this with the existing leela.snd file in the character folder. This is the same soundpack as... (4.63 MB) 10th August 2016 378 / 76 2
Supra Mayro Snd pack for supermario Supra Mayro Snd pack for supermario (Pizzasause) : Based on a game called supra mayro bross and Supra Mayro Kratt. This snd pack works on The original Super Mario by ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH (it also works with super luigi also by ShinRyoga &... (3.29 MB) 9th August 2016 190 / 8 0
Twilight Sparkle Spanish soundpack Twilight Sparkle Spanish soundpack (TheOtakuGamingBrony6...) : A soundpack that gives Ralord's Twilight Sparkle her spanish (Latin American) voice. For all those used to watching the show in said language. https://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=6w11k_qrfLE (12.27 MB) 5th August 2016 184 / 8 4
Mortal Kombat Sounds for U Mortal Kombat Sounds for U (Midway...) : Have some Mortal Kombat Sounds :) (81.11 MB) 5th August 2016 208 / 14 0
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