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Downloads: MKP conversions RE-OPEN - Any Char Patch Released

MKP conversions RE-OPEN - Any Char Patch Released

Uploaded by Soul Taker - 6th October 2011
Author Author mugenload
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copy these files into your characters folder and overwrite them, note that you might want to backup the original ;)

this patch allows you to play mkp characters in normal mugen. it isnt bug free but will atleast make them more playable. this patch will only work with mkp characters and no other existing mk characters.

missing sprites/sound/animation will have to be added manually and all other bugs. but hey look on the bright side, it works right ;) please note that with this release Im no longer making conversions. if you need help with bugs please google a tutorial because there are a lot of them.

have fun.

your best resource, fighters factory.




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