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Until the site gets patched, downloads will be disabled for unregistered users

Jun 10, 2016 - 1:47 PM - by Dizzy
Dizzy's Avatar
The logs show massive usage of download accelerators by unregistered users, in violation of our terms of service.

This activity is the reason why the site has been slow and was crashing regularly. The rate of pages successfully loading dropped under 50% recently, so we've enabled auto-ban of users using download managers, but in a few hours, hundreds of IP addresses got banned. This is very bad management and we need to prevent abuse rather than punish it, because let's face it, nobody's reading the terms of service, and we would end banning half of our visitors at this rate.

But this can only be fixed with a patch, which is beyond my level of access, so I can't tell when this will be done. Until then I'm afraid we have to disable downloads for unregistered users, to maintain the site stability.

Sorry but I see no alternative.

We also kindly ask our registered members to disable their download manager.
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Spec ops mb-01 released

Feb 09, 2016 - 11:49 PM - by O Ilusionista
O Ilusionista's Avatar
The wait is over. And I can’t believe I will say this finally: After 12 years, MB-01 is done!

This character makes part of the project Street Fighter Special Operations, which has begun at 2002 in MugenBR (RIP) forum. Spec Ops is a full game which tells an alternative story about Street Fighter, from an alternative future where cyborgs are a common thing. Prototype Weapon MB-01 is the rival of Perfect Weapon MB-02, which was made initially by me and SodonHID, then redone be my and Ethan Lives.

M.Bison obsessed with controlling the world, Charlie capture to cyber experiments with in order to build an above normal fighter, able to be his right arm in and Shadoloo help you get DNA from several fighters to build a perfect fighter (later would be known as MB-02). However, due to several factors, this prototype does not go as expected, and ran away from laboratory. After an investigation, it was discovered that he had not fled, but was stolen.

MB-01 is a metamorphic character, made by tons of nanorobots, which makes him looks like a liquid metal.

Warning: For those who doesn’t knows about Spec Ops, all the characters on this project... [Read More]
  24 Replies | 3,674 Views

SWEET TOOTH Extra Twisted Edition - The final, big update!

Jan 02, 2016 - 9:22 AM - by Varia31
Varia31's Avatar
Hey all! Sweet Tooth has been updated one final time! This update features new sounds, animations, balancing tweaks, and a new win pose! This update has too many things going for it to just be a simple CNS or SFF patch, so the whole character will need to be downloaded again. Like last time, either download Sweet Tooth by himself, or download the Editing Kit package if you want to make your own version! Enjoy the changes, and stay twisted, boys and girls!

Link 1

Link 2 (combo pack)
  37 Replies | 4,459 Views

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